Joe Biden: “We’re Preparing the Military by Trying to Deal with the Climate Stuff!” (VIDEO)

Remember when the Weather Channel provided a 10-day forecast to soothing elevator music?

Remember when US Military readiness and training the most lethal warriors was the top priority?

Those days are behind us.

Now the Weather Channel is pushing climate change propaganda and the US Military is focusing on providing transgender surgeries and dealing with climate change.

Joe Biden gave an interview to the Weather Channel’s Stephanie Abrams during his visit to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday.

The softball interview focused on climate change propaganda and ‘extreme weather.’

At one point Joe Biden blurted out the US passed a $368 billion climate control facility as he brushed a bug off of the reporter’s chest.

Joe Biden told Stephanie Abrams that the US Military will be used to deal with ‘climate change’ stuff.

“We’re preparing the military by trying to deal with the climate stuff!” Biden said.



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