HILARIOUS! During Trump Interview, Tucker Carlson Calls Former FOX News Colleague Chris Wallace a ‘Bitchy Little Man’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson took a funny shot at his former FOX News colleague Chris Wallace during his interview of Donald Trump tonight, calling him a “bitchy little man.”

The subject came up when Trump was talking about the time that Wallace moderated a debate between him and Biden.

Tucker also stressed that Wallace is not one of his friends, but that’s no surprise.

The liberal site Mediaite was deeply offended by this:

‘Bitchy Little Man’: Tucker Carlson Rips Into Ex-Fox Colleague Chris Wallace In Nasty Trump Interview

Trump sat down with Carlson as counter-programming to the Fox News-hosted GOP presidential debate and the pair kicked off their discussion by with jabs at the mainstream media including Fox.

The conversation eventually turned to Joe Biden and Carlson suggested that someone other than Biden is actually running the U.S. as Biden is a puppet.

“Well, somebody else has to be. I don’t think he’s capable of doing anything. Look, when I debated him, I said, how come? And this was in front of probably not a friend of yours, Chris Wallace. He was the moderator,” Trump replied, recalling the 2020 presidential election.

“Not a friend,” Carlson agreed.

“I said, why did. Why is it, he wants to be Mike, but he doesn’t have the talent? It’s one of those,” Trump continued.

“Bitchy little man,” Carlson interjected.

Watch the video below:

Chris Wallace was a horrible and so obviously biased debate moderator.

He absolutely deserves this hilarious criticism.

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