Here We Go: Democrats and Marc Elias File Several Lawsuits in Wisconsin to Influence the 2024 Elections

Guest post by Jefferson Davis in Wisconsin
Similar to the iconic S.O.S code first used in the US in 1909 and the original Morse Code created in the 1830’s, Wisconsin is now under an S.O.E. Code alert to ‘Save Our Elections.”
Established election law and the Wisconsin constitution are under direct assault from the Democrats and their progressive liberal operatives today.
As the state witnessed during the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, national big tech billionaire Democrats flooded the zone with millions of dollars in record spending ($42 million and promised to overturn many settled case law issues that have been in force for many years in Wisconsin.
The progressive liberal Democrat candidate won the 2023 Wisconsin Supreme Court race by a margin of 1,021,822 to 818,391 .  It was a devastating loss for Republicans.
When progressive liberal Democrats can’t legislate their radical agenda to foist upon all Americans, they simply file lawsuits with friendly circuit courts in hopes of accomplishing their radical agenda.
The progressive liberal Democrats are targeting current systems and laws regardless of what the Constitution and or settled case law stipulates and or establishes:
  • Unrestricted abortions.
  • Redraw boundary lines for legislative and congressional seats.
  • Reinstate the illegal absentee ballot drop boxes from Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Ignore absentee ballot statutory requirements.
  • Cure absentee ballots that are missing information.
  • Repeal Act 10.
  • Restrict the recount procedure for elections affected by fraud.
  • Fixing rigged elections.
  • Protect environment from climate change.
  • Grant governor unlimited “pandemic” authority.
  • Leniency for criminals.
Democrat Affiliated Attorneys have filed multiple lawsuits to Influence the 2024 Elections in Wisconsin
Several lawsuits being filed over the past two weeks with promises of many more to come.
The following lawsuits have already been filed over the past two weeks to severely compromise the 2024 election cycle in Wisconsin in favor of progressive liberal democrat candidates for the US Senate and for US President: Progressive liberal Democrats don’t play nice in the sandbox and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish complete power and control over the people of Wisconsin.
  • On July 20, 2023, Attorney Marc Elias, architect of the many frivolous, but successful “election” lawsuits in 2020 across America, filed a major lawsuit in Dane County that may have detrimental consequences for election integrity if ruled in favor of by a judge.
  • This same strategy was exercised by former Democrat US Attorney General Eric Holder leading up to the 2020 election cycle. Holder pushed to file lawsuits all across America to redraw legislative district maps to favor progressive liberal democrat candidates.
  • The main takeaways from the Elias Lawsuit filing in Dane County involve arguing that the United States Postal Service is an “unsecured” mechanism for delivering absentee ballots.  Therefore, absentee ballot drop boxes need to be immediately reimplemented for the 2024 election cycle in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.  Absentee ballots do not need a witness in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.  Voters will be able to “cure” their absentee ballots regarding missing statutory requirements well after Election Day in violation of current election law in Wisconsin.
  • A coalition of progressive liberal Democrat attorneys and so-called “voter rights” groups filed another lawsuit directly with the Wisconsin Supreme Court this week to have the Wisconsin Supreme Court redraw Wisconsin’s legislative districts instead of what Wisconsin’s constitution provides that it’s the Legislature’s constitutional charge to do so. These groups bypassed the normal legal process in hopes of getting a quick ruling from the new progressive liberal majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • The Wisconsin Election Commission, Administrator Wolfe and some members of the Wisconsin Senate are named as respondents before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 
All of the Democrats and their big tech billionaires care about is power, greed and control over all Americans until they are totally beaten into submission and exhaustion in hopes they give up their freedoms, liberty and independence in exchange for a tyrannical big brother government that is designed to control every area of an individual’s daily life.
Action Plan
Wisconsin and all American election integrity supporters need to get engaged immediately to avoid a repeat in 2024 of what happened in 2020 with the Presidential Election being severely compromised starting with the myriad of “election” lawsuits starting in 2019.
If we wait any longer, it will too late like it was in 2019 and 2020 when Republicans did not respond in time to rebut the hundreds of lawsuits filed by progressive liberal Democrats and their big tech billionaire friends which put America in a reactive and defensive position.
This is exhaustive and mind-numbing work, but this is all that progressive liberal Democrats know how to do to win elections because they have unlimited resources and time. 
The Wisconsin Election Crisis Intervention Plan to protect the 2024 Presidential Election Cycle from being stolen again by the progressive liberal democrats and their big tech billionaires:
  • Attend all court proceedings in person for all of these progressive liberal democrat “election” lawsuits.  Details to be provided.
  • Immediately contact your State Representative (click here – 2023 Wisconsin State Representatives) and State Senator (click here – 2023 Wisconsin State Senators) to ask them to make a public statement condemning the radicalization of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the blatant disregard for the rule of law in our constitutional representative republic.
  • Immediately ask your State Representative and State Senator to see if their body can become an “intervenor” with the Wisconsin Election Commission to join the lawsuit against the Wisconsin Election Commission brought by Marc Elias.
  • Immediately consider donating to a legal fund that may be established to pay for attorneys that will argue in court against the shredding of our constitution by the liberal democrats.  More details to follow.
  • Immediately consider becoming a 3rd party co-defendant to join the Wisconsin Election Commission in the Marc Elias lawsuit.  More details to follow.
  • Immediately reach out to conservative constitution-supporting non-profit groups in Wisconsin that may consider joining the Wisconsin Election Commission as a 3rd party co-defendant.  Some of the best non-profit conservative groups in Wisconsin are:1.) W.I.L.L. (click here – Home | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (, 2.) MacIver Institute (click here – MacIver Institute | The Free Market Voice for Wisconsin), 3.) Wisconsin Voter Alliance (click here – WISCONSIN VOTER ALLIANCE | Promoting and Protecting the Integrity of Our Voting Systems in Wisconsin) and 4.)American Center for Justice and Liberty (click here – About (
  • The Dane County judge will in all likelihood grant relief to Marc Elias against the Wisconsin Election Commission.  The Wisconsin Election Commission will in all likelihood not appeal the circuit court decision to the District IV Applellate Court in Madison because they will be represented by the attorney general of Wisconsin.
  • We need an all-hands-on-deck legal approach to argue in favor of upholding our beloved constitution and established election law in Wisconsin.
  • The attorney general for Wisconsin will represent the Wisconsin Election Commission in this case.  He has made it clear based on his liberal background before becoming attorney general and the arguments he has made since becoming attorney general, that he will not appeal any negative decision made by a Dane County judge if it means Democrats can possibly leverage this decision(s) to win an election.
Nationwide S.O.E. Alert
The Democrats have cast their web of deception with many similar lawsuits in various states in preparation for the 2024 Presidential Election Cycle as follows:
Protect and Preserve Our Beloved Constitutional Representative Republic
Unless we have the resolve of George Washington crossing the Delaware in December of 1776 to battle the British, the discernment of Abraham Lincoln some 80+ years later in 1863 to see the Civil War to its proper conclusion in 1865, and the steely and uncompromised determination of General Eisenhower some 80 years later to protect the world from very evil forces in June of 1944, we will lose our constitutional representative republic.

Let’s join forces and be willing to do whatever it takes for 2024 to bring our great county that we call America back to its rightful standing in the world and at home for all citizens.

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