‘He’d Get My Vote. He’d Get My Vote Before Biden” – Joe Rogan Discusses Trump, Biden, and the Dangers of The Deep State in Latest Podcast – Teases Possible Interview with President Trump (VIDEO)

Patrick Bet-David, the host of “The Bet-David Podcast’, joined Joe Rogan on Thursday on the most popular podcast in America The Joe Rogan Experience.”

During their nearly three hour podcast Joe Rogan discussed President Trump, Joe Biden, the deep state, and the 2024 election.

Rogan came out again and said he would vote for Trump over Joe Biden. Rogan discussed the Trump record. And Rogan teased a possible interview with Donald J. Trump.

This was an excellent segment:

Joe Rogan: “No one is going to run against Trump on the Republican side and win because you are not going to get the Trump supporters. If I was friends with DeSantis, I’d be like, don’t do it. You can’t beat that guy. You just can’t. When that guy gets out there and he’s waving to people and they’re going crazy, you’re not beating that. There fucking, and the fact that he was the president for four years and the country was in a great economic situation and it looked like his policies were actually effective. Unemployment was down. Business was booming. Regulations were being relaxed. More things were getting done. When you look at it from a policy perspective, if you just look at it on paper, what he did on paper was effective.

A lot of people think it was effective. You don’t like him as a personality, so you ignore that. Don’t do that. Look at it in terms of a policy perspective. People liked the ideas that he was putting forward. And now you’re sitting like, oh, the wall is racist – Now everybody thinks there needs to be a fucking wall.

Even the Mayor of New York City is now calling to stop immigration into his city. And this was the guy that called it for it to be a sanctuary state. When the reality of what your policies, what kind of actions you put forth, what the results of that are, and those results are highly negative, you’re forced to sort of recollect, recollect your thoughts and come up with a new perspective. And that’s what the mayor of New York City is doing right now.

When you just look at what Trump’s policies were and then obviously COVID hits, there’s a lot to that. The lockdowns, the economic collapse, all the shit that came with that, none of that is good. And then Trump holds up this like hope to bring us back to where we were when he was in office. You’re not going to beat that. I don’t think they’re going to beat that.

When you look at the Russia collusion, when you look at the Steele dossier, when you look at all the bullshit they tried to throw at him that we now know was bullshit, not just bullshit, but coordinated bullshit.

When you look at the fact that they suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story and that 51 intelligence agency representatives signed off on that to say that this was Russian disinformation, which we know they know is not true. That’s scary because now you have the intelligence agencies colluding to keep a guy from being president. That was president during a time where the country was thriving economically. This is, you’re not going to beat that guy.

Patrick Bet-David: Would he get your vote?

Joe Rogan: He’d get my vote. He’d get my vote before Biden. I’ve said that before. I don’t think that I never thought that Biden was going to make it. I never thought that he was going to be functional regardless of what kind of power the president actually has. And it appears under Trump the president has a lot more power than we think they do. But under, He’s handled. He’s just out there talking, “The real problem is Donald Trump. Donald Trump. What he’s done is terrible. He did office.” It’s all nonsense. It’s like everyone’s treating him with kid gloves because they don’t want to prop up Trump. They don’t want to go after him because it’ll weaken the Democratic Party.

Patrick Bet-David: So when are you having Trump on?

Joe Rogan: I don’t know… I don’t know.

Patrick Bet-David: It looks like you got something.

Joe Rogan: Maybe.

Patrick Bet-David: That’s good. That’s good.

Joe Rogan: I think that’s at a certain point in time, it would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things. I would like to know what is it like when you actually get into office? I would like to know things like what is it like versus perception? What is it actually like when you get in that building? What are you greeted with? When do you know that people are fucking with you? When do you know that the intelligence agency is lying to you? Like, when you decided to fire Comey, what was the thought? How much did you know? What’s the machine like? What is the deep state really like? Really like? Because we have all know, smoky room perceptions, like from the Bill Hicks joke where they show you the Kennedy assassination from an angle you’ve never seen. What is the machine that runs this country? Because it’s very clear that it’s not as simple as elected representatives that are doing the will of the people. It’s not.

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