“He Looks Like a Thug” – John Bolton Whines About How Trump’s Iconic Mugshot is Only Boosting His Popularity (VIDEO)

RINO warmonger John Bolton ran to CNN to whine about how Trump is using his iconic mugshot to boost his popularity.

Trump turned himself in at the Fulton County jail on Thursday where he was processed and booked.

Fulton County officials later Thursday night released Trump’s mugshot.

President Trump immediately began fundraising off of his mugshot. His poll numbers are skyrocketing.

The black community started rallying around Trump after his mugshot was released. He has street cred now.

“Trump’s a brother now,” a black man said on social media noting Trump’s arrest at a notorious jail in Fulton County.

“I’m voting for that n**** Trump!” another black man said after he watched Trump’s motorcade rolling through an urban neighborhood near the Fulton County jail.

Trump’s arrest and mugshot are backfiring spectacularly and CNN is not happy about Trump’s meteoric rise in popularity.

CNN’s Kaitlin Collins tossed a softball to John Bolton and asked him how he felt about Trump’s mugshot.

“I thought [the mugshot] was carefully staged… he could have smiled, he could have looked benign, instead he looks like a thug,” John Bolton said.

“That’s what they picked and we will see that picture everywhere…” Bolton whined.


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