GROSS! Joe Biden Coughs In His Hand While Greeting Children At School (VIDEO)

Joe and Jill Biden on Monday went to Eliot-Hine Middle School in Washington DC for the start of the school year to greet the children.

The Bidens just returned from back-to-back vacations in Lake Tahoe and Delaware.

Joe Biden lounged at the beach while Maui burned.

Then he headed to Lake Tahoe for another vacation at a luxury villa.

Biden returned to DC on Sunday and the first thing he did was go to a junior high school so he can mingle with children.

Fox News:

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden are visiting a District of Columbia public middle school on Monday to welcome students back for the new school year.

The Bidens are heading to Eliot-Hine Middle School, located east of the U.S. Capitol, to mark the District of Columbia’s first day of school for the 2023-24 year. The event kicks off several back-to-school activities for the first lady, who is traveling later in the week to the Midwest to celebrate teachers and to highlight the mental health needs of students.

Jill Biden is a longtime teacher. She’s the first first lady to continue her career outside the White House. She teaches English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College, which is where she taught during the eight years her husband was President Barack Obama’s vice president.

Joe Biden is seen repeatedly coughing in his hand while greeting students at a Washington DC middle school.

For the past two-and-a-half years we have seen Joe Biden push masks and Covid vaccines.

If so, why would he be coughing in his hand while greeting students?



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