GOP Rep. Scott Perry: It’s Going to Take an Impeachment Inquiry to Get Answers – The Biden DOJ and IRS Are Stonewalling (VIDEO)

Rep. Scott Perry joined Greta Van Susteren on Newsmax TV on Monday night following the Devon Archer testimony earlier today in front of the House Oversight Committee.

Rep. Perry argued that there needs to be an impeachment inquiry to get the documents from the Biden regime.  And this is because the Biden DOJ and IRS have been stonewalling investigators.

Rep. Scott Perry: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And President Biden has gotten himself into an inferno of testimony and direct evidence that shows a link to the highest level of corruption with the presidency of the United States. Bagmen and bullies and those types of things are something of banana republic, not the presidency of the United States.

Devin Archer’s testimony to me is proof of that.  Look, I don’t know how many times you call your father or your mother and put them on the phone, on a speaker phone with your business associates. Especially business associates from out of the country where you’re receiving $17 million and providing nothing that the American people can figure in the way of a service or a product. Maybe most people do that, but I actually don’t think anybody does that, Greta. So this is about influence peddling and the selling of your position and America’s policies or positions on things that are supposed to be good for America, not used for profit, for your own family and your position. That’s what we’re talking about…

…There are 20 companies, shell companies that we didn’t know about six months ago. There’s $17.7 million in payments from foreigners that we didn’t know about six months ago. We just continue to get closer and closer to corroborating the story. And, oh, by the way, Greta, while this is occurring, the Biden, Department of justice, the IRS, and other agencies have been running interference for the Biden family or the Biden business crime ring. So whether that’s obstruction of justice that has been directed by the President is yet to be found. But as I said, there’s a lot of smoke here and we’re not done…

…The United States Attorney for Delaware, their assistant United States Attorney said to the IRS and the investigators, do not ask about ‘the big guy. ‘Do not ask about the so we’re not there yet because they’ve been disallowed of seeking that information. I think look, I think it’s going to take an impeachment inquiry to get to these answers, to get the bank records to match up the financial statements given to the IRS and tax payments by the Biden family, to match it up with the bank records and the business dealings. And we simply don’t have all that because we have been stonewalled in getting it not only from some banks, but literally from the Department of justice or the IRS.

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