George Takei Bites Off More Than He Can Chew After Targeting Majority of Americans

For a group that loves to describe itself as “tolerant,” the far left sure does have a curious way of exemplifying it.

As an example, you’d think “tolerant” ideologues would at least entertain the various intricacies of something as complex as geopolitical war.

Remember, even something that seems like such a no-brainer in 2023, like defeating Hitler and the Nazis, wasn’t such a slam dunk back when the Third Reich was rising. America didn’t get involved until it was directly provoked.

Now, while America may not be directly involved in a war at the moment, the country is certainly investing in one, despite dire need of said investment within the country itself.

That’s a complicated topic worthy of debate! But not if you ask one of the pagan saints of the far left, former Star Trek star George Takei.

No, in his never-ending tolerance and openness, Takei took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to dismiss anyone with any questions about America’s never-ending investment into Ukraine as a stupid Russian shill:

“Pro tip: Whenever you see someone saying, ‘We could be spending that money on X instead of sending it to Ukraine’ it probably originated from and was amplified by the Russians,” Takei posted to X.

As if that wasn’t condescending enough, Takei couldn’t help himself and told Americans to “Be smarter out there. I know for some of you it’s hard.”

Look, this writer isn’t nearly as smug as Takei and will readily admit that he has no clue on whether or not America’s continued investment into this Ukraine-Russia war is worth it.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

At the very least, it’s certainly worth questioning whether or not the volume and rate of said investment is sustainable — particularly given imminently American issues like the devastating Maui wildfires and Tropical Storm Hilary.

And that’s all worth talking about. It should not be summarily dismissed as Russian propaganda (Remember when the left opposed the Vietnam War? Ah, simpler times.)

Given all of that, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise that Takei’s post was promptly eviscerated by people who had all manner of issues with his sycophantic rhetoric.

Author Max Abrahms blasted Takei’s post for being “heartless.”

“What a heartless thing to say,” Abrahms said. “Tell that to Americans starving and freezing to death over the winter.”

When you’ve lost the Libertarians, you know you’ve really lost the plot — so here’s the Libertarian Party of Connecticut pointing and laughing at the Star Trek alum:

Author Bethany Mandel noted that even a fraction of what’s being sent to Ukraine would move mountains for the Americans suffering in Maui right now.

And because dad jokes will always be in vogue, there were a number of responses to Takei riffing on his use of “X,” which is both a common placeholder variable and the ubiquitous social media platform. Some of the biting responses even said that money sent to X and Elon Musk would be better spent than money sent to Ukraine.

There is a delicious bit of irony to Takei becoming an instant punching bag: He could’ve avoided it all if he had even listened to his fellow leftists at CNN.

A July poll from the network often derided as the “Clinton News Network” found that the majority of Americans both oppose more funding being authorized to Ukraine (55 percent against it) and think America has done enough in the Ukraine-Russia war (51 percent think the country’s done enough.)

So no, Mr. Takei.

Most Americans are not stupid Russian shills.

Instead, they simply appear to be human beings with working eyes and a functioning sense of math — though it doesn’t take much to see that all the money being sent to Ukraine could, at the very least, be helpful in the U.S. too.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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