Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Defends Negotiations With Russia, Slams ‘Strange Idea’ of Funding a Proxy War – Faces Heavy Criticism Abroad and at Home

As the western powers prepares to disembark from the Ukrainian misadventure, we start to see a realignment in the narrative relayed to the MSM.

To start with, military, intel and diplomatic sources start explaining that Ukraine can’t (and won’t) win the war, like for example WaPo in its U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensive’s key goal‘.

At the same time, the veil of secrecy surrounding the massive amount of casualties for the Kiev regime is being lifted, like the NYT in its Troop Deaths and Injuries in Ukraine War Near 500,000, U.S. Officials Say‘.

Finally, the first group of people have to come and speak for a new approach, and touch on certain themes that Kiev wants to keep a taboo. One of the first was a top aide to NATO.

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Now it arises that former French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared that ‘diplomacy, discussions and talks’ are the way to resolve the military conflict in Ukraine.

He gave an interview published in the conservative French paper ‘Le Figaro’, and pointed out that Europe needs to ‘clarify its strategy’. He qualified as a ‘strange idea’ to be funding a proxy war ‘without waging it’.

Politico reported:

“’Without compromise, nothing will be possible and we run the risk that the situation will degenerate at any moment. This powder keg could have frightful consequences’, [Sarkozy] said.

Sarkozy condemned Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine as ‘serious’ and ‘a failure’, but insisted that Russia was ‘Europe’s neighbor’. And despite the misunderstandings in their shared history, ‘we need them and they need us’, he added.”

Sarkozy: ‘We need the Russians, and they need us’.

These views are common in diplomatic circles in France, although it has lost room for more ‘hawkish voices’.

French President Emmanuel Macron himself substituted his initial attempts at brokering a peace with a harder line on Russia, and vowed to ‘support Ukraine until victory’.

“Sarkozy distanced himself from Macron’s stance on Ukraine, saying that Macron’s earlier ‘intuition was right’ but he failed to follow up, in part ‘due to pressure from eastern Europeans’.”

Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki slammed Macron’s decision to keep channels open with Putin and compared his attempts ‘to negotiating with Hitler’.

“Sarkozy also dismissed Ukraine’s EU membership bid and compared it to Turkey’s doomed attempt to join the union. “We are selling fallacious promises that will not be held,” he said. He also cast doubts on whether Ukraine should seek to reconquer Crimea.”

Sarkozy further opined that Ukraine should remain neutral and not join the EU or NATO.

France24 reported:

“‘The Ukrainians… will want to reconquer what has been unjustly taken from them. But if they can’t manage it completely, the choice will be between a frozen conflict… or taking the high road out with referendums strictly overseen by the international community’, Sarkozy told conservative newspaper Le Figaro on Wednesday.”

The French politician said that ‘any return to the way things were before is an illusion’.

“The remarks drew an immediate response from Kyiv, with Mykhailo Podolyak — a senior aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky — saying they were based on ‘criminal logic’. ‘You cannot trade other people’s territories because you are afraid of someone or because you are friends with criminals’, Podolyak added.”

Sarkozy was also attacked at home in France for his stated opinions.

“Sarkozy ‘should be considered a Russian influencer’, said Julien Bayou, a senior Green Party MP, telling broadcaster LCI the interview was ‘lunatic’ and ‘shocking’.”

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