FARCE REVEALED: Lula da Silva’s Government received 33 alerts BEFORE the Attacks on Brazil’s Congress on January 8 – SECURITY MINISTER TRIED TO TAMPER WITH EVIDENCE


Lula da Silva -
Mr. Saulo Moura da Cunha, former director from Brazil’s Intelligence Agency. Photo by: Edilson Rodrigues/Brazilian Senate


Lula da Silva’s government, in Brazil, knew beforehand about the possibilities of attacks on the National Congress on January 8. The revelation came from the former director of Brazil’s Intelligence Agency, Saulo Moura da Cunha, who claimed to have sent 33 invasion alerts to the Congress to security authorities.

Moura da Cunha revealed that Gonçalves Dias, minister of the Institutional Security Office of President Lula da Silva, ordered alterations in the documents that attempted to warn about the possible invasion of the National Congress on January 8.

The former director of the Intelligence Agency spoke on the subject during a public hearing at the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee of the Brazilian Senate that investigates the attacks that occurred on January 8, at the headquarters of the Three Powers, in Brasília.

Moura da Cunha’s position endorses the theory that the left-wing government of Lula da Silva knew of the possible invasion to the Brazilian Congress in January of this year and would have let the situation get out of control to pursue supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro.

Moura da Cunha said:

“Within a week before the invasions, we sent 33 alerts to the security agencies of the Federal District and the Federal Government,” he asserted. “I made two reports that contained the invasion alerts forwarded by the Intelligence Agency to WhatsApp groups and also contained the alerts personally forwarded by me, from my phone to Minister Gonçalves Dias.”

He continued: “When I delivered this alert spreadsheet to Minister Dias, he decided to remove his name from that document because he was not the official recipient of the messages.”

Moura da Cunha’s revelation sparked fury in the opposition, which accuses Lula’s government of having ignored the risks of the January 8 demonstrations, even being alerted by the federal government’s security forces.

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