EXCLUSIVE: FBI Is Preventing the Release of FOIA Requests Related to Seth Rich – Again!

This article originally appeared on JoeHoft.com and was republished with permission.

The FBI is again preventing the release of information related to the death of Seth Rich. 

Another FOIA request and another cover-up from today’s FBI.

The number of lies the FBI has made about Seth Rich continues to add up.

The latest lie before today was that the Mueller gang said Seth Rich had nothing to do with the transfer of DNC-related emails to WikiLeaks, and yet they never even looked at his laptop which was in their possession.

There were many stories on Rich that I reported at The Gateway Pundit.

One report even suggested that there were discussions of assassinations in the documents released by the FBI.

No wonder the FBI is doing all it can to hide information related to Seth Rich’s murder.

This week the FBI did it again.

The FBI is hiding entire records systems from FOIA requestors and using links to systems that don’t work.

Here is the filing stating the FBI is at it again.

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