The Epstein Curse: Prince Andrew Fights Kings Charles III To Keep His 30-Room Mansion, Has Another Lie Uncovered in Court Documents – The ‘Most Hated Royal’ Will Be Subject of Explosive Biography

As newly-anointed King Charles II tries to get on with his much-awaited reign, he stands besieged by the non-stop regimen of very negative news stories about his brother, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Many point to what they see as hypocrisy in Charles behavior – given his old association with BBC’s late Jimmy Savile, one of the most famous pedophiles in the world – but there is no disputing that Andrew has made many unforced errors, and became a major reputational risk for the Royal Family.

Once Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein became too big a scandal, and he was forced to settle with Epstein’s sex-trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre, he proceeded to put his face in all UK TV screens to state that his mistake was being ‘too honorable’ towards Epstein.

Australian Royal Commentator Daniela Elser reported in how the ‘Andrew brush fire’ could be about to ‘roar back to rash-inducing life’, as he fights not to be ejected by Charles III from the 30-room Royal Lodge, and is about to become the object of an explosive biography.

“Acclaimed biographer Andrew Lownie told the Daily Beast: ‘Andrew is digging his heels [not to be evicted from his mansion] … it’s part of a wider power and status game with Charles. Optics don’t look good, but that won’t worry Andrew. I don’t see him ever leaving. […] Charles and William have united to bring him down a peg or two and try and keep him and his family under the radar because they, as the future of the monarchy, have most to lose by his antics’.”

And the influx of distressing news is about to be augmented in a major way.

“In other news that should have Palace sorts twitching is the fact that Lownie, an acclaimed biographer, has revealed that he is working on a book about Andrew and [ex-wife] Fergie. Want to know how concerned the Men in Grey should be?

Lownie is the biographer who first broke the allegations in 2019 that Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle and King Charles’ adored godfather, had sexually abused teenagers from a boys’ home. Then last year, in Lownie’s Traitor King, he revealed that King Edward VIII had helped the Nazis invade France.

Which is to say, Lownie gets scoops like no other.”

Read more about Andrew Lownie’s explosive biography of Lord Mountbatten in my article here. Here you have Part 2.

The depths of what Lownie can dig should really worry ‘The Firm’ (how the senior Windsor royals call themselves). The MSM and judicial filings are already making mince meat of the Duke’s reputation and exposing his numerous lies – and there’s no telling what a real ‘no-holds-barred’ investigative writer like Lownie can find and bring to light in a spectacular fashion.

Meanwhile, another Prince Andrew lie is uncovered: court documents show that he visited Jeffrey Epstein while the pedophile was under house arrest.

The documents contradict the Duke’s claims that he only saw the tycoon ‘once’ since he left jail, in December 2010.

In an email sent on June 14 that year, Epstein told his close friend and JPMorgan top executive: ‘Andrew just sat next to me at dinner’.

The Mirror reported:

“Court papers from a civil case brought by the US Virgin Islands government against JP Morgan in New York detail the ­billionaire’s meeting with the Duke. A series of emails written by Epstein to the banking giant’s ­then-CEO Jes Staley show how he acted as an ­intermediary between the two men. In one, sent on June 14, 2010, the tycoon told the banker: “Andrew just sat next to me at dinner. We will try to connect this week. Any word on M? This is fun.” It is not known who or what M is.

aaThey state: “On April 15, 2010, Epstein wrote to Prince Andrew the Duke of York [redacted word] ‘jes staley will be in London on Thurs the 22. I think you should meet if you are in town’.”

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