Depraved Leftist Attacks AfD’s Von Storch with Feces: “Love and Better Arguments will Triumph Over Hate”

Beatrix von Storch in Hesse after a man was apprehended at the event with three knives


Leftist radicals sunk to new lows of depravity as a man attacked Beatrix von Storch, vice-speaker of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in the German Bundestag, with feces Friday.

Von Storch was attacked on Friday in a hall in the town of Daun in the western state of Rhineland-Palatinate. A man claiming to want a selfie with her then smeared von Storch with animal feces. The man was overpowered by police and is now under investigation.

Von Storch told German news agency dpa on Saturday she had filed charges. Police estimated that the AfD event had around 80-85 participants, while up to 120 jackbooted Antifa accomplices threatened the audience outside.

Von Storch is a devoted Christian and met the attack with “love” and “faith”, she said.

“Yesterday there was another disgusting attack on me and the AfD in Rhineland-Palatinate,” von Storch said in a video published on her Twitter account.

“We fight with better arguments; AfD haters fight with feces,” she said. “We will counter their hate with the strength of our faith and our love of our country. Love is always stronger than hate. No matter what despicable means they resort to, we will fight unwaveringly and now more decisively for the spiritual and moral renewal of our nation. Love will triumph over hate, that’s why we will triumph over them.”

Von Storch knows how to keep a stiff upper lip. She was born a Von Oldenburg and is thus related to the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and King Charles III.

As the AfD climbs to be the most popular single party in Germany at 21%, violent attacks by government and media supported mobs are on the rise. Earlier this month, candidate Andreas Jurca was attacked on his way home in Augsburg and beaten black and blue.

On Aug. 27, a man was apprehended trying to enter a Von Storch event with three knives in Hesse. “I don’t know what he was doing with those knives, but I’m glad they didn’t let him in”, Von Storch said.