DC Court Admits That BLM Vandals Were Treated Better Than Pro-Life Protesters

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC just admitted something that millions of people already knew. Black Lives Matter radicals in DC were given special treatment, especially when compared to some pro-life protesters.

This is just one incident but it’s symbolic of a much bigger issue, the two-tiered justice system that punishes anything and everyone conservative much more harshly than people on the left.

We have seen this unfold over and over again in recent years.

Townhall reports:

DC Court Admits What We Already Knew About BLM Vandals Versus Pro-Life Protesters

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found the city “all but abandoned enforcement of the defacement ordinance” during the Black Lives Matter protests and riots in 2020 while going after pro-life protesters who used chalk outside an abortion clinic.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation and Students for Life of America filed the lawsuit against the city after two pro-life activists were arrested in 2020. The court agreed Washington, D.C. “selectively” enforced the anti-graffiti ordinance and found numerous examples of BLM vandals getting away with defacing property with anti-police messages:

The District all but abandoned enforcement of the defacement ordinance during the Black Lives Matter protests, creating a de facto categorical exemption for individuals who marked ‘Black Lives Matter’ messages on public and private property. The complaint offers a number of examples. The day after Mayor Bowser’s street mural was revealed, protestors added an equal sign and ‘Defund the Police,’ so the message read ‘Black Lives Matter = Defund the Police.’

Police officers watched as the alteration took place and did nothing to stop it. Although the Black Lives Matter advocates did not seek a permit or otherwise receive consent, they were neither arrested nor charged under the defacement ordinance. In fact, the District left the addition in place for months, eventually removing it in mid-August.

Again, most people already knew this but it’s nice to get confirmation.

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