CNN Shuffling Weekly Lineup in Pointless Attempt to Lift Dismal Ratings

CNN is once again rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

In an effort to boost their horrible ratings, they are shuffling their weekly lineup and moving hosts around. Of course, it’s still all of the same horrible people, so this won’t make any difference in viewership at all.

Chris Lict, who was recently ousted as head of the network, had a chance to make real changes but didn’t do what needed to be done. He should have fired and replaced all of their ‘top’ talent on day one.

The New York Post reports:

CNN reveals major anchor overhaul in sweeping bid to lift sagging ratings

CNN — which continues to get pummeled in the ratings –revealed sweeping changes to its weekly lineup that will see new faces in key slots and launch new weekend shows for veteran anchors Chris Wallace and Christiane Amanpour.

Under new management, CNN has named Abby Phillip, a senior correspondent and anchor of “Inside Politics Sunday,” to the network’s 10 p.m. time slot on weekdays. Laura Coates, an anchor and chief legal analyst at CNN, will grab the network’s 11 p.m. hour.

Phillip and Coates join Kaitlan Collins, who will continue to anchor the 9 p.m. time slot. Collins had moved from “CNN This Morning,” which she had co-anchored with Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon.

The network’s lineup has been in flux following the exit of CNN boss Chris Licht, whose bumpy tenure failed to bring stability after Jeff Zucker was ousted in 2022 over his failure to disclose his relationship with a colleague.

A series of missteps from Lemon, which included the anchor dressing down Collins off-camera, ended in his firing from the network.

The article goes on to say that Chris Wallace will be hosting a panel show in addition to his current show that no one watches.

Who looks at CNN and thinks that more Chris Wallace is the answer to terrible ratings?

CNN will continue to circle the drain until they get rid of people like Wallace, Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper and all of the other activists pretending to be journalists.

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