Chicago Spends More Than $100M on Illegals- But Won’t Say Where it Went

Chicago has spent over $100M to care for the illegals arriving in the city thanks to Joe Biden’s broken border.  But officials won’t provide transparency on how the money is being spent.

The Gateway Pundit reported in May that, while Chicago burns with rampant crime and violence, the City Council approved $51 million in aid for illegals. In July, it was revealed that most of those funds, $47 million, would be used to pay for a national staffing firm that provides personnel at shelters receiving illegals arriving in the city.

And yet, despite pouring millions of taxpayer dollars into the crisis, Chicago residents remain concerned about the decisions city officials are making on how to allocate those resources.  Residents of the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago are not happy with what is happening in their community and claim they are harassed by illegals crime is rising in the area.

The city of is so overwhelmed, migrants have been housed in police stations.

Now, CBS 2 reveals that, despite filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in February requesting how the city has spent more than $100 million to care for new migrants,  the Chicago Office of Budget & Management has denied the request for transperancy.

CBS 2 reports:

At an April City Council hearing, Adl. Ariel Reboyras (30th) testified, “One of the estimates I’m seeing is we average about $7,000 a month for each migrant seeking asylum.”

CBS 2 has been trying to get what should be public spending records from the city to see what companies and organizations are being paid and how much they are getting paid for various services. Is each new arrival really getting $7,000 worth of care every month?


In February, CBS 2 filed a request for records under FOIA with the city’s Office of Budget & Management. FOIA requires the city to turn over public records. After months of delay, the city denied the request saying there were no records.


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