Chicago Democrat Asks Gang Members To Shoot Each Other At Night

How does one even begin to comprehend the foolish ideas of Democrat politicians?

Democrat alderwoman Maria Hadden actually asked Chicago-area gang members to shoot each other only at night!

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A Chicago Democrat is asking gang members to limit their shootings and murders to the evening hours.

Democratic alderwoman Maria Hadden, in an email newsletter, promoted a proposal from the community group Native Sons called “the People’s Ordinance,” which asks gang members to not shoot between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

“We have to start somewhere,” cofounder of Native Sons Tatiana Atkins said of the ordinance, according to CWB Chicago. “Our goal is to approach our city’s gun violence problem strategically and not all at once. Things didn’t become this way overnight, and change won’t happen overnight.”

Things may not have become that way overnight, but years of Democratic party policies in Chicago have turned that city into a haven of violence. Even under Brandon Johnson, the new Democratic mayor, violent crime continues out of control.

The Washington Free Beacon continued: “Crime increased by 38 percent in the month after Johnson took office in May. Robberies are up 17 percent compared with this time last year, according to police data, and are up by 30 percent in the past three years.”

“Johnson’s campaign called for “health professionals, not police” to “respond to crisis calls.” He was the only mayoral candidate who did not back filling the city’s police vacancies, which number more than 1,500 positions.”

This really goes to show the “brilliant” policies of Mayor Johnson at work. Maybe he should apply that logic to car repairs. When the transmission is out, don’t call the mechanic, instead, take it to the local hair salon to fix it.