Charlie Kirk Interviews Gadsden Flag Champion: 12-Year-Old Jaiden Has an Important Message For All American Patriots (VIDEO)

Charlie Kirk interviewed Jaiden, the 12-year-old boy who wore a Gadsden Flag patch to his school in Colorado Springs. He was originally asked to leave class, but since the story has gone viral, he has been allowed back at school. The administrators had claimed it had to do with slavery when it was actually a symbol of the Revolutionary War.

Jaiden: “If it didn’t go viral, they’d probably suspend me.”

Charlie Kirk: “What is your advice to the other teenagers or soon-to-be teenagers that are afraid to speak up?”

Jaiden: “I’d tell them to ponder this question: Would you rather have friends but live under a tyrannical system, or stand up for yourself and your right but maybe lose a few friends? I mean I sat at lunch alone today which was weird, like my friends didn’t like me.”


Additional video of Charlie Kirk’s interview with Jaiden:

Jaiden went on to tell Charlie Kirk that kids wear pride pins and the school does not care, but they said the Gadsden flag was a symbol of hate.

This goes to show the ignorance of some of today’s educators who know little to nothing of our Constitution and the Nation’s history.

Gateway pundit had recently covered Jaiden’s story:

The Vanguard School Board of Directors in Colorado Springs has voted to allow a young student to wear a “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on his school backpack.

In a video the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs told 12-year-old Jaiden (last name withheld) that he had to remove the flag because it has “origins with slavery” and was “disruptive to the classroom environment.” When he refused, the child was dismissed.

“The reason that they do not want the flag reason we do not want the flag is due to its origins with the revolution, slavery, and slave trade,” the school administrator told Jaiden’s mom, Eden Rodriguez.

“It has nothing to do with slavery, that’s like the Revolutionary War patch that was enslaved when they were fighting the British,” Ms. Rodriguez refuted.

The school, not surprisingly, butchers the Gadsden flag’s history. It originated on a warship in 1775 as a battle cry for American independence from British rule. The flag became a symbol for America during the fight for their freedom.


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