Boy Dead After Playing in Common Construction Material – Tragic Final Photo Shows the Substance That Killed Him

The image is an iconic memory of what boys do best — climb into piles of construction materials and glory in playing there.

It is also a tragic reminder of the death of Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt, 7, of Brazil, who earlier this month went on his last adventure and died shortly after.

Bitencourt was photographed in the pile of limestone powder on Aug. 3, according to the New York Post.

Even as he flashed two thumbs up, he was breathing in the dust from the powder that would soon take his life.

Not long after the picture was taken, according to local media, the boy was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The cause of death was attributed to breathing in the limestone powder in which he had been playing.

Limestone powder is used in agriculture and construction. A pile had been left at a family property in Ipiranga, Brazil, according to Jornal Razão.

Family members have said they did not know the powder would be toxic. Police have begun an investigation.

The limestone safety sheet from New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co. warns that “dust formed from the use of limestone may release the components noted … as airborne particulates, posing an inhalation hazard. Dust may cause irritation to eyes and/or respiratory system so avoid breathing excessive dust.”

“Long-term overexposure to respirable crystalline silica in the workplace may cause lung damage and silicosis,” the safety sheet said.

The American Lung Association said silicosis is a hazard for construction workers. However, it noted that long-term exposure is usually required to cause irreversible lung damage.

Romaldo Bitencourt, Arthur’s uncle, posted about the boy’s death on Facebook.

“The memories of you, my dear, will always be the best,” he wrote, posting a photo of the boy.

“After a few days of reflection, God’s will be done, we are here to thank GOD first, for gifting us, for seven years, one month and ten days, with such a special human being,” he wrote in another post.

He added that the boy “was very intelligent, even at a young age, he already had discernment in various subjects and his own opinion, proving that he would have the character of a good man.”

He also included a message to friends “who have been with our family in this difficult time that we never imagined we would go through, rest assured, GOD has comforted us through the hugs, condolences, crowns and flowers received from each of you. Hundreds of relatives and friends said goodbye to the loved one and thousands of people protested through Social Networks, which is humanly impossible, to thank individually.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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