Boston Talk Host Howie Carr Describes How Journalism Used to be Blue Collar But is Now Ruled by Liberal Elites (AUDIO)

Conservative Boston talk radio host Howie Carr recently spoke to Breitbart News during their podcast.

Part of their conversation was about how the media landscape has changed over the years. Carr pointed out that years ago, journalism was filled with working class people, some of whom would eventually work their way up to greater positions. Now it is dominated by politically connected liberal elites.

Carr uses specific examples like Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd as people who are directly connected to Democrat politics.

From Breitbart News:

Exclusive – Howie Carr Chronicles Journalism’s Shift from Blue-Collar to Elitist Trade: ‘They’re Writing for the Powers That Be’

Syndicated Boston radio host Howie Carr appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday, where he offered his perspective on how the news industry has moved from a working-class trade, in which reporters worked their way up from local outlets to larger platforms, to one that is now dominated by elites who serve as lapdogs to those in power.

“I mean, the, you know, newspapers in the old days, it was a sort of a working-class, blue-collar trade,” Carr explained. “And after Watergate, it just the sort of the upper classes, the elites, the legacy started moving into it, and it’s totally different now…

“Jake Tapper, you know, he worked for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, and she was married to a corrupt congressman, and she was a congresswoman,” Carr said of Marjorie Margolies. “Or you have been Chuck Todd, who worked for stolen valor, Tom Harkin, a senator, or Stephanopoulos, who ran the bimbo eruptions unit for the Clinton campaign in ’92. I mean, that’s the farm system now… It’s not just the internet that’s destroyed newspapers. I think that there’s just nobody, there’s nobody left who — forget going to church or being in the military, these people don’t even know anyone who goes to church or is in the military.”

You can listen to the whole thing below:

What Carr is talking about here applies to so many media outlets. Look at the New York Times and the Washington Post. MSNBC currently has two hosts who used to work for the current administration. It’s ridiculous.

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