Austin School District Shuttles Students to Pride Parade

In a display of extreme irresponsibility, Austin Independent School District offered free shuttle service to the annual Austin Pride event on Saturday.

NewsBusters reported:

“Tomorrow, the city of Austin, Texas will host its annual Austin Pride event. This year, Austin Independent School District offered a free shuttle service to students, staff and their families and encouraged students to dress up in “pride costumes,” The Blaze reported.”

It’s bad enough that a school district is transporting children to a pride event, but these degenerate “educators” are encouraging students to dress up in “pride costumes.” This is at the expense of taxpayer money.

NewsBusters reported: “Staff, students and their families are invited to represent Austin ISD in the annual Austin Pride Parade,” the event noted. “We are #AISDproud to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ students, staff and families and to highlight our commitment to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all.”

The website also said that “pride costumes and rainbow colors are encouraged” and that there’d even be free t-shirts to represent the district and pride.

There is nothing educational about any of this. It is simply an attack on children. These are predators normalizing their sick and twisted lifestyle. Period.

Situations like this are not new.

Pride Parades in Portland allow fully nude adults to frolic around small children.

The Portland Pride parade is now featuring toddlers. A few of the child-centric “floats” included Kids 4 Pride, Portland Public Schools, The Snuggle Mobile, and Transactive Gender Center, which also featured a pickup truck with a “Super Heros For Super Kids” banner and adorned with super heros such as Spiderman, Robin, and The Hulk.


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