Young Men in Ukraine Hide in Fear of Being Sent to Die: “My Friends Were Trained for 5 Days and Sent to Donetsk”

Russia claims it destroyed the first German-made Leopard II tank June 8 in the Zaporizhzhia region


Gateway Pundit reported that Russia claims Ukraine has suffered 26.000 casualities in one month of its failed “counter-offensive.” Now, even war hawk Foreign Policy magazine concedes that young men in Ukraine are being pressed into military service with no training and sent into the ”meat grinder“ in Donetsk.

“On July 5, Ukrainian army generals issued a proclamation dramatically expanding the martial law prohibiting Ukrainian civilian men’s freedom of movement, calling on all those “liable for military service” to remain in their home districts“, writes Amherst professor Charli Carpenter on Foreign Policy, the magazine of the saber-rattling Council on Foreign Relations, where Joe Biden famously boasted about blackmailing Ukraine with $1 billion to get the prosecutor inverstigating Hunter Biden’s company Burisma fired.

“With the Twitter hashtag #UkraineLetMenOut, citizens had already been complaining bitterly about men being unable to leave the country with their families since Russia’s invasion,” Carpenter writes. “After the new proclamation came down, one Ukrainian tweeted, “Now we can’t even leave our cities without permission from military recruitment centers.” Another tweeted, “Animals have more rights in Ukraine than men.”“

Carpenter quotes a young man hiding out in Lviv, Ukraine, she calls Andrij, who was separated from his mother, sister, and fiancée when they fled to London, while Andrij was forced to stay behind.

“My fiancée and sick mother need me abroad so that I can work and help them. Now I can’t even help myself, I am left alone with strangers [and] without a home and cannot leave the country,” she quotes Andrij. “My friends and I have no experience and we do not want to hold weapons and cannot physically fight. I live in fear they will send me to war without proper training. My friends were trained for five days and sent to Donetsk. I’m worried about the men in this country, many others are worse off than me.”

Ukraine has lost about 20% of military equipment and weapons since it started its counteroffensive, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

An Invasion of Crimea would cost Kiev upwards of 200.000 lives, according to Aleksey Arestovich, a former adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed they had repelled 17 Ukrainian attacks July 15, at a cost of 385 Ukrainian caasualties, four armored fighting vehicles, six pickup trucks, and two towed howitzers, SouthFront reports.

According to Russian MoD claims, the Ukraine has lost 10,711 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 1,138 fighting vehicles equipped with multiple-launch rocket systems MLRS, 5,462 field artillery cannons and mortars, 11,678 motor vehicles, 455 airplanes, 242 helicopters, 5,015 UAVs and 426 air defense missile systems in the war so far.

According to Dutch open-source trackers Oryx, Russia has lost 10,904 pieces of military equipment since the beginning of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, of which 7,251 were destroyed, 414 damaged, 407 abandoned, and 2,832 captured. In total, Russia has lost 2,082 tanks – or an average of 130 per month, Oryx claims.

NBC showed a Ukrainian soldier driving a $500.000 MRAP vehicle who said he had received no training on the vehicle, but instead “used Google”.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized Joe Biden’s decision to call up 3,000 reservists to augment U.S. troops in Europe: “I want people to understand what this troop mobilization is about. It’s about preparing for a ground war with Russia.”


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