WATCH: Things Get Heated When Pervert and Clinton Crony Anthony Weiner is Asked About the “Clinton Body Count” (Video)

Credit: @patrickbetdavid

Did the truth hit too close to home for one of America’s most infamous perverts?

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is best known for his proclivities toward young girls and went to prison for sending sexually explicit texts to a 15-year-old female.

Weiner is also known for being close to the Clinton family. He infamously married Hillary’s former aide Huma Abedin back in 2010 and had son with her. They separated in 2017.

Weiner went on Iranian-American entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David’s podcast this morning and the host confronted him with a list of dead people who had been previously associated with the Clintons.

This list is known as the Clinton Body Count.

Once Bet-David queried Weiner about why the Clintons have this reputation of death following them, Weiner had what is being accurately described as an unhinged meltdown. He also tried to bully the host in the process.

Bet-David did not back down and punched back just as hard.


Relevant transcript:

Bet-David: My question for you is how is it in the last 50 years we don’t have a single candidate…everybody has a reputation… How is it that the reputation that follows them (the Clintons) is that people close to them die?

Weiner: Are the Clintons in their 70s yet? Don’t you think I can make a list of people who are 70 years old and say this person…

Bet-David: How come they haven’t done that with Bush? He is..

Weiner: I have no freaking idea! Hold on a second, are you saying that you agree with what I’m saying…

Bet-David: How come they haven’t done that with Reagan? How come they haven’t done that with Kerry?

Weiner: People close to everyone dies! Are you suggesting…

Bet-David: I’m asking a question..

Weiner: You’re asking a bizarre question! What pi**es me off is you have a bizarre list of people off an obscure website…taking a Venn Diagram and everyone who’s served in the orbit of public life and you’re implying there’s something nefarious.

(crosstalk) You’re implying there’s something nefarious with the question and the list. Hillary’ a big girl, I’m a big boy…Listen to me! These are obscure people you could not pull out of a hat.

(more crosstalk) You are the classic bully! Are you going to go back and clarify?

Bet-David: There’s not another person at this table that is a bigger bully than you. Good for you! (sarcastically applauds and panel laughs)

Weiner: Look at that f***ing website!

Bet-David: You want a conspiracy website? Take a look at Wikipedia.

Weiner: You want to take a run at me, bring it all day pal!

Bet-David: Sweetheart. Clinton body count!

(crosstalk) Bet-David: Give me another body count with another president or candidate give me one.

Weiner: Why don’t you go to Barack Obama not born in this country? Was there a podcast?

No? Why? Some people say it! These people are strangers you just read a list of.

Bet-David: You’re a dark human being, guy.

Weiner: Cut that list out!

Bet-David: I’m not going to be cutting that list.


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