Watch: Elite Israeli Maglan Unit in Combat in Jenin, Armed Civilian Takes Out Knife-Wielding Terrorist in Tel Aviv

Photo: Israeli Defense Force


Israeli special forces took out Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist strongholds in Jenin in the heaviest counterinsurgency fighting in years. A 23-year-old terrorist rammed eight people in Tel Aviv before being neutralized by an armed citizen, proving “the importance of citizens carrying weapons,” said Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. “I call on the public to carry firearms.”

The soldiers found observation posts, tunnel shafts and explosives, Arutz Sheva reported. Several terrorist operatives were arrested, including key operatives. A defense official said “the resistance of the armed men tonight was low – they ran away when we arrived.” There were no injuries among Israeli forces.


15 terrorists were arrested in terrorist hotbed Jenin in Samaria. Arab sources reported gun battles between Israeli forces and armed terrorists. Nine Arabs have been killed and 100 injured, 20 of which are in serious condition.


“Our forces entered the nest of terrorists in Jenin,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “They eliminate terrorists, they arrest wanted persons, they destroy headquarters and seize many weapons, and they do another thing – they destroy laboratories on an almost industrial scale. Laboratories from which they made explosives and IEDs intended for the slaughter and murder of Israeli civilians. They are doing all of this in one of the densest places on earth, and they are doing it with minimal harm to civilians up to this moment, and no harm to those not involved, and this is the directive – to look after the security of our forces and also to avoid harming innocent people as much as possible.“


In Tel Aviv, a vehicle driven by 23-year-old terrorist Hossein Issa Hossein Halaila, ran over two groups of pedestrians Tuesday, injuring 8. Then Halaila got out and continued the attack using a knife. “Armed civilians and a police officer who saw what was happening intervened and shot and killed the driver”, Arutz Sheva reports.

“Together with the entire people of Israel, I send wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured and a warm embrace to the families,” said National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. “I congratulate the brave citizen who neutralized the terrorist, prevented the continuation of the incident and saved lives. This neutralization once again proved the importance and effectiveness of citizens carrying weapons and I call on the public who meet the requirements to carry firearms with you.”

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