WATCH: Civil Rights Attorney Reveals Motion President Trump Could File to Potentially End Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s “Classified Documents” Inquisition

President Trump has an ace up his sleeve against special prosecutor Jack Smith according to one prominent civil rights attorney with what he calls a “game over” motion.

As Fox News reported, Leo Terrell explained on “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Sunday night that Trump’s counsel in the Mar-a-Lago raid case could file a single motion that he believes would end special counsel Jack Smith’s inquisition into Trump for supposedly mishandling classified documents (he did not).

This move involves the Presidential Records Act (PRA). As Fox News notes, the Presidential Records Act allows a president to have “custody and management” of his records from his time in office. Moreover, the president has the complete legal authority to declassify every document in his possession under the PRA.

Terrell told host Mark Levin that Trump filing a motion citing his powers under the VRA would render Smith’s team completely powerless:

Game over. That is, to me, the most important first motion President Trump’s legal team could file.

President Trump had the absolute right to declassify any and all documents in his custody, control and possession. There has been no response to that by the prosecution. I’ll tell you why: Because they don’t have one.


But one would think the Biden regime and Smith would have considered that argument before trying to persecute Trump. But Terrell says they have a glaring blind spot because they are so scared Trump could win the Presidency again.

The leading Republican candidate, in my opinion, the next president of this country, is trying to be derailed by the prosecution, by Joe Biden, by Merrick Garland, by Christopher Wray and the Democratic machine… and the left-wing media.

Terrell concluded by emphasizing to Levin that invoking the PRA should lead to an “outright dismissal of these frivolous charges against Donald J. Trump.”


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