Us Virgin Islands Wants JPMorgan Chase To Pay 290 Million for Its Association With Jeffrey Epstein – New Emails Surface About Former Top Executive Jes Staley’s ‘Profound’ Friendship With Convicted Sex Offender

An association with Jeffrey Epstein is a stain in someone’s reputation that does not easily fade from the world’s memory. Just ask America’s largest bank.

Ongoing in the Southern District of New York, the U.S. Virgin Islands v. JPMorgan Chase Bank lawsuit is the largest unresolved Epstein-related case.

JPMorgan has agreed to pay $290 million to settle a lawsuit by dozens of Epstein accusers, while Deutsche Bank also agreed – in May – to a $75 million settlement. Both accords await final court approval.

The New York Post reported:

“The US Virgin Islands said it wants JPMorgan Chase to pay at least $190 million to resolve a lawsuit accusing the largest US bank of ignoring the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking.

In a Friday filing in federal court in Manhattan, the territory said it wants JPMorgan to pay a $150 million civil fine, and give up at least $40 million from its 15-year relationship with Epstein.”

The USVI territory government also wants JPMorgan to pay ‘compensatory damages’ suffered by Epstein’s victims, as well as ‘punitive damages’.

“A large payout is appropriate because JPMorgan “lacked the economic incentive and motivation to place compliance with the law and prevention of trafficking ahead of its own profits,” the territory’s lawyer said in the filing.”

Friday’s judicial filing is the first time the US Virgin Islands has mentioned any sum it wants JPMorgan to pay for its relationship with Epstein in the trial scheduled for Oct. 23.

USVI’s Attorney General Ariel Smith.

Reuters reported:

“‘Financial penalties, as well as conduct changes, are important to make sure that JPMorgan Chase knows the cost of putting its own profits ahead of public safety’, U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Ariel Smith said in a statement.”

The USVI wants JPMorgan held liable for providing banking services to Epstein from 1998 to 2013, enabling him to use massive amounts of cash to pay his victims, and also ignoring several internal warnings and red flags.

“It said even the $40 million amount excludes the ‘difficult to quantify’ value of Epstein allegedly introducing JPMorgan to famous people like Britain’s Prince Andrew and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak.”

JPMorgan has sought to shift blame to the territory for being complicit with Epstein’s criminal activity, and also separately suing former top executive Jes Staley, once a close friend to Epstein, trying to cover its losses in the lawsuits it faces.

Jes Staley had a ‘profound’ and deeply personal friendship, according to his newly surfaced emails. Staley and Epstein met over 60 occasions at the disgraced financier’s various properties.

Staley was was so ‘enamored’ Epstein’s Caribbean island – dubbed ‘Pedo Island’ by locals – that he even wanted to install his own private mooring at the dock, on retirement.

Daily Mail reported:

“‘I miss you,’ he wrote in June 2008. ‘The world is a tough place. Hang in there.'”

Epstein also helped Staley secure a pay rise from Jamie Dimon, then CEO of the bank, during his prison sentence.

‘Tell him [Dimon] a one million dollar increase to 25 million,’ replied Epstein. ‘Do not give in. I’ll try to call you later.’

Most disturbingly, Staley also counted on Epstein’s advice on securing his daughter Alexa a place to study science at Columbia University – despite her inadequate scores.

Staley expressed gratitude for the friendship after Epstein was ordered to register as a sex offender in 2011.

MSN reported this message from Staley to Epstein in prison:

“‘Deby [Staley’s wife] and I were talking tonight about what you have meant to me and to Alexa’, Staley said, apparently suggesting that Epstein helped his daughter get into Columbia University.

‘You have paid a price for what has been accused. But we know what u have done for us. And we count you as one of our deepest friends. And most honest of people’.”

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