Tulsi Gabbard Calls on Congress to Ban Use of Harmful Chemical Linked to Gender Issues — Corporate Media Runs to Defend the Fascist Transgender Agenda

Atrazine is back in the news and, as often is the case these days, Alex Jones was right. 

While more and more prominent personalities recognize the horrendous consequences of the widely used herbicide, corporate-backed media is in a panic — frantically publishing any counterpoints they can — labeling all who are sounding alarms as conspiracy theorists. 

It now appears Tulsi Gabbard wants in on the action — calling for members of the public to notify their congressional representatives. 

“Congress must ban Atrazine, one of the most widely used and toxic herbicides, to stop further contamination of our food & water supply,” Gabbard explains in a Tuesday morning tweet, “Atrazine ‘wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning 1 in 10 into females’ according to studies.”

Gabbard cites a March 1, 2010 study from UC Berkeley that, more than a decade ago, explained the deleterious impact of the oft-satirized chemical. 

“The EU has already banned it, now US must do the same,” Gabbard further explains, “Call your reps.”

Gabbard’s call to action comes after a July 5 story from Axios headlined: “Fringe gender-chemical theory goes mainstream.”

The article absurdly states that “Without scientific evidence, fringe political figures are increasingly blaming the existence of transgender people on environmental pollution.”

Axios goes on to lambast U.S. Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy for detailing how the environmental pollution from Atrazine has led to public chemical exposure and an increase in sexual dysphoria.

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks on NewsNation Wednesday.
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks on NewsNation. (NewsNation / YouTube screen shot)


The Axios piece follows a June 19 article from the Washington Blade: “America’s LGBTQ News Source.” 

The Washington Blade’s disgusting diatribe describes RFK Jr. as a “noted anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist…whose career has been defined as much by his membership in one of America’s most famous families as by his allegiance to dangerous conspiracy theories.”

Counterpoints from the Washington Blade and Axios rely heavily on a Centers for Disease Control publication which explains away all concern for environmental exposure, stating: 

“When the general population is exposed to atrazine, exposure levels are expected to be very low.”

Interestingly, neither Axios nor The Washington Blade provides any solid research to substantiate their efforts to discredit the March 2010 study conducted by Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes, who at the time was UC Berkeley’s professor of integrative biology. They instead cite opinions from pre-selected “experts” who are almost certainly getting their bread buttered by pharmaceutical and chemical giants. 

Dr. Tyrone Hayes at King University in 2013 – Wikipedia Image

As we’ve so often recognized in recent years, mainstream media’s prepubescent fact-checks are little more than personal attacks on those who refuse to click their heels and goose-stomp to the tune of corporate fascism in America.

So, while some still express concern over Tulsi Gabbard’s recent ties to the World Economic Forum, it’s encouraging to see an old warning going more mainstream. 

Let’s just hope Gabbard isn’t forced to dress up like a frog to make people listen.


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