Trump to Massive Crowd in South Carolina: ‘Now the Gloves Are Off’ Against ‘Crooked as Hell Joe Biden’

Speaking to a massive crowd in South Carolina, President Trump did not hold back against the Biden crime family.

“But today, everything having to do with those courageous Americans who fought for us and sacrificed so strongly is indeed being destroyed under crooked Joe Biden….and he is crooked as hell isn’t he?”

“You know, I’ve been hitting him much differently than I have, because I’ve always respected the office. And then when they indicted me for nothing, I said, ‘Now the gloves are off. Now we have to say it like it is. He’s a crook. Under crooked Joe Biden. I never called him that. I took the name away from Hillary Clinton. We call her beautiful Hillary now.”

“Now it’s crooked Joe, because it’s a much more appropriate name right now for this man who’s just destroying our country.”


President Trump closed the rally with a message of hope, ““We are one family, one nation under God, and together we will Make America Great Again.”


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