Tim Ballard Shares How Mel Gibson Helped Him Save Children In Ukraine from Sex Trafficking Rings, Exposes Ukrainian Child Predator “Harvest Time” Network

Tim Ballard, the man whose life inspired the box office hit Sound of Freedom, sat down with Tim Poole on Thursday night and shared insider details about the new movie.

Ballard also shared other testimonies about missions where he rescued children from sex trafficking rings outside of Colombia.

One of the most intriguing missions involved legendary actor Mel Gibson.

Ballard told the cast of Timcast IRL, that at the beginning of the Ukraine-Russia War, his wife Katherine had an intense intuition for him to go to Ukraine to rescue orphans who were in danger of being sex trafficked.

Shortly after his wife Katherine urged him to go to Ukraine, Mel Gibson gave Ballard a call and said he had  intel that there are kids in the war zone in Ukraine that need rescuing.

After both his wife and Mel Gibson led him to go to Ukraine, Ballard alongside side the organization Aerial Recovery was able to get over 6,000 women and children to safety and later Ballard was able to expose a pedophile group that was trafficking children from Ukraine to Mexico.

Ballard also hinted the entire operation was documented by Tony Robbins.


Ballard followed up his rescue story by sharing its “harvest time” in Ukraine which means children are very vulnerable to trafficking due to the war and in some cases pedophiles have even opened up fake orphanages in order to abduct children in broad daylight.

Watch Ballard’s full interview on Timcast:


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