Several US Cities Are Replacing July 4th Fireworks With Drone Light Shows Due to ‘Environmental Concerns’

Several US cities are replacing traditional July 4th fireworks shows with drone light displays due to them being more “environmental friendly.”

One of the cities opting to go the non-traditional route of having a drone display instead of fireworks is Salt Lake City, Utah.

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendehall said the decision to replace fireworks with drone shows was to be conscious of the city’s air quality and to prevent any wildfires in the area.

The city of Boulder, Colorado has also opted to relace fireworks with drones and posted on its official Facebook page “The shift from traditional fireworks to drones was not an easy decision and based on a number of factors, including increased fire danger fueled by climate change.

Several users on Facebook were not too keen on the city of Boulder’s announcement on Facebook and commented the decision was”lame” and that they were “disappointed” about the city’s decision to replace fireworks.

Per CNN:

Fire threats and environmental concerns have prompted some US cities to forego traditional Fourth of July fireworks in favor of spectacular drone light shows this year.

Salt Lake City, Utah, tried out the alternative way of celebrating Independence Day on Saturday with its first-ever drone show.

The city’s mayor, Erin Mendenhall, said in a news release the new format marked an effort to minimize the area’s “high fire danger” and to lessen air quality problems caused by pyrotechnics. “As temperatures rise and fire danger increases, we must be conscientious of both our air quality and the potential for wildfires,” Mendenhall said in the release.

Several cities in San Diego County, California are also opting to forego fireworks due to environmental and noise concerns.

In the last five years China has also gravitated to replacing fireworks with drone shows.

Currently China holds the world record for the biggest drone show in the world.



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