Russia Claims 3 Leos, 2 French AMX-10 Destroyed and 380 Ukrainian Soldiers Dead; Putin to West: “Ball’s in Your Court” on Peace Talks

Video claiming to show an abandoned Leopard II tank near Zaporozhye

Ukraine continues to throw men and material into its “Second Wave“ counteroffensive, allegedly advancing within 6-8 miles of the main Russian defensive lines. Russia claims to have destroyed 3 Leopard tanks, 2 French AMX-10 and killed 380 Ukrainians on Friday.

Western media continue hyping the Ukrainian banzai attack without sufficient artillery, drone or air support, with the NATO-aligned Institute for the Study of War reporting that “Ukrainian forces have advanced to within 10-12 kilometers of the main Russian defensive line in the Berdyansk direction.”

Russia Today reports that Ukraine has lost “hundreds of military personnel and multiple Western-supplied armor pieces”, including three German-made Leopard 2 tanks and two French-made AMX-10 wheeled fighting vehicles, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Speaking to the summit of African leaders in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “Russia is always ready for negotiations”.

“Have they forgotten that they destroyed the situation in Sudan? Have they forgotten what they did in Syria? They could not care less about the UN Charter, they only remember about international law when they believe that these instruments could be used against someone – Russia, in this case. They will not achieve anything, this is too primitive. If they want someone to comply with the UN Charter and other international law acts, they should make an effort to comply the same norms themselves. However, this does not mean that we do not want and do not seek a peaceful resolution of any conflict,” Putin said.

“We, on our side, have never rejected negotiations, we have always said that we are ready for further dialogue,” Putin said, noting that Russia “always stated its readiness for negotiations publicly.”

Putin noted that a peace agreement had already been reached with Kiev in April 2022 before it was torpedoed by Boris Johnson, presumably at the behest of the Biden Regime. “The draft [peace] treaty has been effectively negotiated,” Putin said.  “But after the withdrawal of our forces from outskirts of Kiev – and we were asked to do so in order to create conditions for signing of the final agreement – Kiev authorities disavowed all previous agreements,” he said.

“Therefore I believe that the ball is totally in their court. I will not tell the details of what we negotiated right now, that would not be appropriate. However, not all know that, and we know it very well that Kiev obtained its independence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, based on the declaration of independence, and this declaration states clearly that Ukraine is a neutral state. This is of principal importance to us; it is not quite clear for us, why the West started pulling Ukraine into NATO.”


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