Rules for Thee But Not For Me: Defund Police Supporter Zuckerberg Spent $43 Million on Private Security

Facebook founder and deranged liar Mark Zuckerberg loves to lecture ‘the little people’ about what is good for them.

But that doesn’t get in the way of him living his best life.

Zuckerberg has donated millions to anti-police organizations, including PolicyLink, the group behind, according to investigative reporter Lee Fang shared on his substack.

While he may support defunding the police for the rest of us, that doesn’t stop him from lavish spending on his own private security, a cost in excess of $43.4 million over the last three years. proudly boasts their goal on its website to , “serve as a comprehensive web resource where organizers can find everything they need for their campaign to defund police in one place” and to create “a database to track and visualize proposals to defund and disarm police, diminish the role of policing in communities, and empower alternative visions for public safety.” is a collaboration of a host of far left organizations including  Movement for Black Lives, Critical Resistance, Interrupting Criminalization, PolicyLink, Law for Black Lives, Database for Police Abolition, ACRE, Advancement Project, and Black Lives Matter Canada.

Fang reports:

Interestingly, while advocating for police abolition in his philanthropic efforts, Zuckerberg takes a different stance when it comes to his personal security.

Meta corporate disclosures show that the Facebook parent company has provided extraordinary levels of personal security protections for its leading officers. Zuckerberg received $13.4 million in personal security costs in 2020, then $15.1 million in 2021, followed by $14.8 million last year, for a total of $43.4 million in security costs over the last three years.

The funds, the disclosure noted, are used for “security personnel” guarding Zuckerberg and the “procurement, installation, and maintenance of certain security measures for his residences.”

The New York Post reports that in 2021, “Meta reportedly earmarked a total of $27 million for an “overall security program” that ensured the safety of Zuckerberg, Chan and their three daughters.”

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