Rock Legend Ted Nugent’s 2021 Clip Resurfaces with Unexpected ‘Sheep’ Speech in Message to Vaccinated Individuals: “Meeeeh!” (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Ted Nugent/PBS

The internet is a vast treasure trove of moments that can resurface at any time, and that’s precisely what’s happened with an old video clip from 2021 featuring rock legend Ted Nugent.

The video features an unconventional dialogue between Nugent and Tim Skubick on PBS’s Off the Record show. The conversation took a bizarre turn when Nugent used ‘sheep language’ to address people who had been vaccinated.

The video clip started innocently enough, with Skubick posing a question to the rock icon.

“Would you speak to the people who believe it is a worthwhile vaccine and it is saving lives? Are they just dead wrong? Are they been fed a line from the federal government?”

Nugent responded with unexpected flair: “The opportunity to speak to the people that went ahead and got the jab. I speak their language. I would speak to them vastly. ‘Meeeh, Meeeh, Meeeh, Meeeh.’ They understand that.”

Nugent’s attempt to ‘communicate’ with vaccinated individuals in ‘sheep language’ quickly gained attention, interpreted by some as an implication that those who had taken the vaccine were ‘following the herd.’

Skubick, taken aback, sought clarification on Nugent’s stance, questioning, “Well, all these millions of people that got the shots, they’re just stupid?”

“Yep!” said Nugent.


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