Rep. James Comer Reveals 170+ Suspicious Activity Reports Filed by Six Major Banks Including JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, Pointing to Potential Money Laundering, Human Trafficking, and Tax Fraud Involving the Biden Crime Family

During a recent podcast hosted by Senator Ted Cruz, Representative James Comer revealed that six major banks, including JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, had submitted over 170 suspicious activity reports (SARs) to the Treasury Department, all concerning alleged criminal behavior by the Biden crime family.

Rep. Comer, who served as a bank director for a decade, explained that a SAR is essentially a red flag raised by a bank when it suspects that a client may be involved in illegal activities.

Despite misconceptions to the contrary, Rep. Comer clarified that SARs are very rare and not issued lightly by banks. In his experience, the bank he directed issued only two SARs over ten years.

“In the banking industry, if you had two SARs against you, it would be hard for you to open an account somewhere,” Comer said. “There wouldn’t be any bank that would want to have you as a customer, because it’s not worth the paperwork.”

The Congressman then stated that the Biden family had been subjected to a staggering number of SARs—over 170 of them.

These reports raised suspicion of money laundering, human trafficking, and tax fraud, all connected to different members of the Biden crime family.

Comer illustrated the nature of these suspicions using the example of a $3 million wire transaction from China to an associate of the Biden family, which was subsequently funneled through various shell companies within 24 hours.

“Now, remember, this account never had much activity in it over the course of ten years, maintained around a $40,000 balance. Then one day, out of the blue, they get a $3 million wire from China,” said Comer.

“He’d never gotten a foreign wire before, and there’s $3 million in an account that’s never had more than 50,000. Some months, it had $10,000 balance, but never more than 50,000. Then all of a sudden, a $3 million wire,” Comer added.

Comer further detailed the alleged set-up of approximately 20 shell companies associated with the Biden family, all allegedly involved in money laundering schemes. These companies, he stated, had no legitimate business operations and existed purely as legal entities on paper – no factories, no machinery, no products, no real estate, no business cards, no storefront.

“Money laundering is hiding money. You’re hiding the source of the money, and you’re deceiving the Internal Revenue Service to try to evade taxes,” Comer explained.

“So if Hunter Biden was doing something legitimate for China, they could have just wired the money to Hunter Biden. But they didn’t,” said Comer.

“They sent it to a company called Robinson Walker. Then they wired it to a company called Owasco. Then they wired it to another company called Bohai. These companies don’t do anything with the money,” he added.

Senator Cruz responded, “It’s just a bucket to pour the water in, then a bucket to pour it into somewhere else?”

Rep Comer said, “That’s exactly what it is and it was organized. This is like organized crime.”

Senator Cruz emphasized the credibility of the banks involved in filing these reports, noting that they are major institutions with knowledgeable legal teams. All of the banks mentioned are known to be reliable political donors to the Democrats, further deepening the significance of these reports.

“So these are all banks that are reliable political donors to the Democrats that are nonetheless looking at reports saying, wow, this is really concerning,” said Ted Cruz.

More from Kanekoa The Great:

American banks have submitted hundreds of suspicious activity reports on the Biden family, alleging their involvement in human trafficking, money laundering, and tax fraud.

Congressional investigators have obtained bank account records and wire transfer statements on twenty shell companies owned by the Bidens, which were allegedly used for laundering illegally obtained money from China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Kazakhstan as unregistered foreign agents.

This evidence is supported by hundreds of thousands of emails, tens of thousands of text messages, photographs, audio recordings, calendar statements, and ten years of data from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the FBI took into its possession in 2019.

Marco Polo published a comprehensive “Report on the Biden Laptop,” documenting 459 alleged crimes involving the Biden family and their associates, including 140 business crimes, 191 sex crimes, and 128 drug crimes.

A $1,000 reward is offered for any verifiable corrections, but thus far, no crimes have been disputed.

In addition, credible IRS whistleblowers have accused the Justice Department of obstructing the Hunter Biden investigation by blocking felony charges, search warrants, and interviews while preventing any investigation of the President and his family.

Furthermore, just yesterday, a judge highlighted an unprecedented lenient deal offered by the Justice Department to Hunter Biden, which would result in no felony charges or jail time for tax fraud and lying on a gun form.

This DOJ deal would have also granted protection to the First Son from any future prosecution related to illegally obtained money from foreign nations as an unregistered foreign agent.

What is more corrosive and destructive to our nation than a politicized Justice Department that applies different legal standards depending on whether one’s last name is Trump or Biden?


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