Rapper Travis Scott Posts Photo of Terrified Child With Markings to Promote New Album

Controversial hip hop artist, Travis Scott, has launched his new album UTOPIA but sinister photos the artist released before his album release are overshadowing his new musical production.

Just before releasing his album, Scott posted two photos on Instagram of young boys without their shirts on and one of the boys featured on his Instagram had marker scribbles all over his face.

Content creator Sneako pointed out the satanic imagery and wrote in a tweet “They are telling you they worship satan. And you allow them to program you?”


One user on Twitter compared the markings on the child to symbols the FBI has confirmed are used by pedophiles.

In 2021, Travis Scott received national headlines after 10 people died at his concert in Houston, Texas.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Scott was sued for over $2 billion dollars after he refused to stop his concert after watching concert goers fall to the ground and get trampled to death.

At one point during his concert there was even an ambulance in the crowd and Scott still disregarded it.


Travis Scott Hit With Over $2 Billion In Lawsuits In Aftermath Of Astroworld Concert


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