‘Prison Karen’ Ghislaine Maxwell Having a Hard Time Behind Bars, Scolded for Not Showering – Wants to Be Moved to FCI Danbury ‘Club Fed’

Any kind of association with the Jeffrey Epstein influence-peddling and sex-trafficking ring has lately become a stain that is difficult to wash away from one’s reputation. Just how difficult it is to carry the ‘legacy’ of an association with his crimes can be gathered by the misfortunes of Ghislaine Maxwell..

Behind bars, his most famous accomplice – and the only one that has faced any repercussions – is so afraid to be targeted, she can’t even brave taking showers.

Disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is constantly in hot water with FCI Tallahassee prison administration, ever since she used the prison’s video visit system to give an interview claiming that the infamous photograph of Prince Andrew with Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre was a fake.

After lodging over 400 complaints, she has earned the nickname ‘prison Karen’ in the low-security federal prison where she’s serving a 20-year sentence.

In her lastest episode, Maxwell accused a female guard of sexual abuse, after being confronted over her lack of personal hygiene.

Her fellow inmates complained that she wasn’t showering after coming out sweaty from the running track.

Daily Mail reported:

“The dressing down is said to have involved coarse language and the term ‘hooha’ – slang for an intimate female body part – leaving the Oxford-educated prisoner aghast.

‘The officer never touched her. It was just a conversation about cleanliness and the need to shower more frequently. But the officer has a mouth like Cardi B and was completely tactless about it’, an insider told Daily Mail.”

Maxwell reported the encounter because she claims it left her ‘feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed’.

“‘She might seem a little easily shocked for a convicted sex trafficker – but that’s Max. She doesn’t see herself that way, she acts and talks as if she’s innocent.'”

Sex offenders usually avoid showering behind bars because it’s likeliest place to get attacked.

Used to a life of luxury and wealth, Ghislaine Maxwell is having a hard time adapting.

The ‘prison Karen’ has accused workers of harassment, unprofessional behavior and discrimination; has complained about the food, a lack of hot water, no access to a computer and having her mail tampered with.

Her other complaints were about ‘improper or inadequate’ dental and medical treatment for eye problems and a rash.

She has denounced two inmates trying to extort her, and has already filed for ‘compassionate release’ on two occasions – even though she still has 19 years left to serve.

Sources inside the prison expect her behavior is aimed at  getting her transferred to FCI Danbury ‘Club Fed’.

“‘Tallahassee is big, it’s old, it’s ghetto. Max has too many enemies and she wants out. […] Danbury is smaller and mainly for white-collar criminals and she thinks she can get there by causing as much hassle as possible.'”


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