Matt Braynard Calls Mike Lindell Names While Pushing Early Voting in Election Debate (VIDEO)

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On Friday at Tim Pool on YouTube, Mike Lindell and Matt Braynard debated early voting as the solution to save the 2024 Election.  It ended in Braynard calling Lindell names and claiming early voting is the way to go.

Wow – this was alarming.

Mike Lindell debated Matt Braynard at Tim Pool on YouTube today on the subject of how to win the 2024 Election.

Braynard believes that if Americans vote early their votes will count.  (This belief totally discounts the many issues from the 2020 Election outlined at The Gateway Pundit and in my recent three-book set on The Steal.)

We know that there is no correlation between early voting and the issues embedded in the 2020 Election whatsoever.  (See my books.)

Mike Lindell disagreed with Braynard which eventually led to fireworks and name-calling from Braynard.

Braynard started off by discounting our efforts and stating that no one has done more to address the issues from the 2020 Election.  He then went into a diatribe about voting early but by doing so totally ignored any wrongdoing by bad actors from the Uniparty.

Braynard says the left does a better job of getting voters to the polls.  He claims Mike Lindell sides with Van Jones in telling voters not to vote early.

One supporter shared with us:

Remember the feeling you had when you realized your elected officials were not representing you, but rather indulging in pay to play, and demoralization of our communities through COVID mandates and federal funding designed to shut us all down and shut us all up? I had the same gut punch feeling as I listened to Consultant, Matt Braynard adamantly push his theory that early ballot harvesting was the new gospel that must be endorsed, supported, funded and acted on TODAY to save the souls of men.. although Braynard himself appeared soul-less.

His gospel message  that the loss of elections was due to you the people refusing to show up to vote in the easiest way possible, while muting the discussion about the known corruption of electronic voting machines was cringy at best.  His suggestion that Mike Lindell was in the same camp as Van Jones in pushing DAY of Voting was downright abhorant.

Some of Braynards cringiest moments noted by our supporter were:

Mike Lindell continued to speak out about the use of machines manipulating our elections and the importance of the LindellEvent on 8/16-17

Matt Braynard gave us incredible insight into the political Elitist scene

Braynard came out with serious sour grapes- at one point petulantly

“These are the only republicans that matter”- while holding up his letter endorsing early ballot harvesting- what about the millions of grassroots conservatives who have canvassed, door knocked, pole watched, gave hard earned money, ran for office and educated their families on elections and our civic duties?? They don’t matter

Braynard calls Mike a “barstool lunatic who wouldn’t be listened to if he didn’t have money

Matt “This is the only issue that has probably ever united the right- Early ballot harvesting.”

Braynard continued to expose his sour grapes of not having “his” supposed work that was displayed in the film Deep Rig recognized. **

Braynard does not deny that machines are affecting elections- simply says he’s not going to discuss that.

Braynard says “You can stay in Cartoon Land (with Mike Lindell) or you can come join reality with me” as he pitches his consulting company that has lost over and over again. Joe Kent, an incredible candidate being his most recent victim. (2:00 in)

Braynard- claims “Lindell is destructive. It’s obstructive to our objectives, to our agenda

Who is the OUR here???

Braynard says he takes a  salary of $55,000 from his organizations-

Braynard- is advocating a postcard program to promote “early absentee ballots” which New Yorkers have screamed against- claiming it’s causing the collapse of their elections.

Watch the two-hour debate below:

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