Leftists Furious at In-N-Out After Company Reveals New Policy, Demand Boycott

Conservatives have engaged in a very successful boycott of Bud Light over the company’s blatant political agenda, but now it looks like the left has found its own boycott target after famed fast food giant In-N-Out Burger has made them mad.

The fast food giant has garnered the ire of the left by telling employees that the coronavirus crisis is over and there is no longer a reason to wear masks in the workplace.

Frankly, why shouldn’t the burger behemoth? There are no reputable studies that show masking prevents the transmission of viruses. Masks just don’t work.

Leftist Dr. Lucky Tran was incensed enough to start a massive Twitter thread in which he wailed about the burger company and urged his leftist followers to attack them with tweets and messages on the company’s websites.

Tran, who calls himself a “a global scientist,” and is a mask zealot, was unhappy when a court in the state of California ruled that employees cannot sue their employers if they get COVID-19 in the workplace.

Tran then noted noted that “This week, In-N-Out banned their employees from wearing masks.”

“This is horrible,” he whined.

Tran went on to post the In-N-Out policy announcement:

The doctor also began posting links to the burger company’s public comments page.

Other leftists joined in on the assault on In-N-Out. One Twitter user named Babs urged leftists to call the company’s hotline and complain.

Another shrill leftist advised liberals to “BE LOUD” in their attacks on In-N-Out over its masking policy.

“We have to fight back on this. We need to BE LOUD in our opposition! Call and email In-n-out! Let them know this is unacceptable. Policymakers and organizations need to speak out. Businesses cannot ban masks and put staff life and health in danger,” she wrote.

And Twitter user “oh dear” called for a boycott of the fast food joint.

“Banning masks at work?!?” Oh dear wrote, “THIS demands a #Boycott of In-N-Out Burger. They are putting their currently-healthy workers at risk. Unbelievable, in the light of scientific evidence of long COVID issues.”

Ultimately, the far-left group calling itself “MaskTogetherAmerica,” which was organized in 2019 to push vaccines and the myth of masks on America, also joined in to urge its brainwashed followers to attack In-N-Out.

“In-N-Out Burger is allegedly trying to ban employees from wearing masks unless they have a doctor’s note, except @innoutburger in CA. MaskTogetherAmerica condemns mask bullying, mask banning or any forms of discrimination against people who mask up to stay healthy,” the far-left group tweeted.

None of these leftists, though, seemed to understand the fact that if In-N-Out employees don’t like the company’s masking policies, they can get another job. They are under no obligation to stay where they don’t feel safe. They can get a job at some far-left company like Starbucks or something.

In-N-Out has been the target of the left before, granted. Being a conservative and Christian company, it isn’t surprising.

Still, good for In-N-Out for getting itself past all this COVID-19 nonsense.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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