Laughable: Democrat Lawmaker Gets Celebrated After Going On 9-Hour Food and Water Strike (Video)

Rep. Greg Casar a progressive Democrat from Texas was mocked on Twitter after he came out on the Capitol steps to announce he has ended his 9-hour food and water strike.

Casar was fasting to get the White House on board to implement an OSHA heat protection rule that includes water and food breaks.

After his fast concluded Casar stated, “I was honored to be joined at my thirst strike by workers in Texas and across the nation—and by lots of colleagues pushing for federal heat safety protections.”

He continued “9 hours without water or food, but I’m more energized than ever to get this done.”



The lawmaker even went as far as to use a heart rate minor in an attempt to exaggerate his mediocre feat.


Rep. Casar even went as far to livestream his medical checkups.

Per Roll Call:

With his suit jacket long gone, Rep. Greg Casar rolled up his sleeve and took a seat on the House steps. It had been hours since his last sip of water, and it was time for a team of nurses to check his vital signs.

The congressman staged a thirst strike outside the Capitol on Tuesday, livestreaming his medical checkups as he called for federal heat protections for workers, including water breaks.

“It’s challenging and it’s hot, but it’s not as hot as it is in Texas,” Casar said in an interview.

The Texas Democrat pointed to a recent heat wave that brought triple-digit temperatures to his home state. Workers need water breaks now more than ever, he said.

Rep. Alexadneria Ocasio-Cortez of New York also joined the “water strike.”


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