J6 Prisoner Markus Maly Is Sentenced to 6 Years Away From His Young Family – “Freedom Lost, Life Destroyed, My Life Is Upside Down” – Please Donate Below

Markus Maly went to the U.S. Capital on January 6th from his home in Virginia.

He was sentenced in June to 6 years in prison.  And now, Markus’ wife is raising a 3 year old little girl and 2 autistic sons at home alone.

Maly allegedly sprayed police with a chemical irritant outside of the Capitol at the Lower West Terrace. It’s possible he was acting to defend himself or others. The DC police that day attacked Trump supporters without warning with exploding canisters, rubber bullets, and gallons of pepper spray.  Four Trump supporters were killed after the police launched their attack.

Markus Maly is also accused of taking a police shield, which police later confiscated from him that day before he left the area.

The Swamp wants to make sure that these political prisoners are isolated and forgotten and their lives, and their families, are left destroyed and destitute.

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During his sentencing, federal prosecutors even went so far as to criticize Maly for daring to speak to media outlets, like The Gateway Pundit, and wanted the courts to confiscate funds by asking and U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta to fine Maly the amount he has raised, money meant to help his defense and his family.

“Are you lost Dad?” Jan 6 Dad Speaks for First Time Since Jury Slaughter in DC Kangaroo Court and Prison Surrender — PLEASE HELP MARKUS MALY AND HIS FAMILY

Markus reached out to The Gateway Pundit to share an update on his situation and to thank our readers, who have been a blessing to so many in need.

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Hello from the other side of the wall. If you find yourself reading this, there is a good chance that you haven’t given up on America and you hope and pray for the best when it comes to January 6th political prisoners.

Thank you on both accounts. Make no mistake, you are all Patriots. Your love, prayers, letters, visits, vigils, financial help, and relentlessness at making sure the truth is told does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is an update on my situation.

I have been sentenced to 72 months in Federal prison followed by 36 months of supervision. I am afraid I’m about to lose everything. Since I have been locked up, I have had to sell my van, my tools and my job materials to keep up with basics. After that, it was donations that made it possible to catch up on past due bills. My wife and I thank God and we thank you.

We do have a plan, but for right now we are asking and praying for help. I don’t know what to do. I do my best to stay upbeat and positive but as you might imagine some days are better than others. Negative thoughts creep in and can take hold.

• will more charges be coming?

• will I win an appeal, when the appellate court is also in DC?

• will I still have a family when this is all over?

• will my children know me after its all said and done?

Its not something that I want to think about but I can’t not think about these things. Life goes on and I know it. It happens all the time. Unfortunately, the system is set up so that ‘no one can make it on their own’, so its not a stretch to think that someone could take my place. My wife Jenn doesn’t deserve to be alone. She wasn’t even at the Capitol that day. Why should she suffer? My kids don’t deserve to miss out on the things that a family does because I’m being used as a pawn. Outings, camping, vacations, getting into sports or karate… All things that could be done without a Dad around but shouldn’t have to be. I’m afraid that at some point the dam will break and I can’t even be mad about it because I understand how it works.

Jenn loves me and is as loyal and devoted as I could ever hope to ask. I don’t feel she will leave me and move on, but at the same time a mans mind can easily betray him under my circumstances. I love my wife and kids. I am 100% all about them. So as you can imagine my family is absolutely devastated over this turn of events. With a 3 year old little girl and my 2 autistic sons at home my wife has her hands full.
There is a better than good chance that I will win an appeal, but that will take time. More time than we can wait to be honest. The next best option is wait, hope and pray for a Presidential pardon. Also, more time than we are wanting to wait.
Please help Markus and his family here.

My wife Jenn home schools and we rent our home. I was the bread winner and now I can’t be there for my family. I wish things were different but they’re not. One thing I do not want for my autistic 7 year old Conner is to have to go to a public school and be put into a special needs class. I know that there are people and teachers who care but I hate the thought that option. Same with daycare for Octavia, our little one. My oldest son Ben is 24 and he also has autism. What do we even do with him during the day? The reason that these questions exist is Jenn is going to need to go to work in order to make ends meet. I know “that’s what people do” but after daycare, school clothes, gas, etc… It wouldn’t even work out

My family has and is being targeted because of the fact that we are strong patriots who back Trump and stick to ourselves.

My family does not want welfare, hud-housing, section 8, public schools or any other form of subsidized assistance from the corrupt government that kidnapped and incarcerated me.

During my sentencing, my Judge did rule against the prosecutions request to take any money in the give send go for my family and said that I was within my legal rights to make money for my family if I was able to do so.
I am an artist and I will soon be designing T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, and more in order to support my family. But that’s still a little ways off. So I’m asking for any help until we get to that point.

Your generosity would be greatly appreciated and thank you.

•••The Actual Sentencing •••

On June 9th 2023 (the day before my sons 24th birthday) I was sentenced to 72 months (or 6 years) federal prison and 3 years of supervised probation afterward. Despite video evidence showing I did not do what the government has accused me of. The charges I was wrongfully said to have been guilty of by a bias DC jury and was subsequently sentenced on are as follows:

• obstructing officers during a civil disorder.
• assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon.
• assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon.
• entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon
• disorderly or disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon.
• engaging in physical violence in a restricted building or grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon.
• disorderly conduct in a Capitol building.
• act of violence in a Capitol building.

The prosecution on the day of my sentencing, was asking that I be imprisoned for no less than 188 months, or 15.5 years…

Mr. Rancourt (the prosecutor) tried to dig his claws into me and paint me as the devil incarnate. He used my past life experiences that I have lived and learned from as well as parts of my past that I have worked hard to leave behind me to drive home his request to destroy my life. That being said Mr. Rancourt did try to destroy my life and the life of my family. Mr. Rancourt is, in my opinion, one of the lowest forms of life that I have ever encountered. He has made a career out of destroying the facts, bending realities, telling half truths and strait up lying to achieve his goal of trashing someone’s life. The fact that he has chosen to ruin families for a living is pathetic. I’m sure he has helped in the prosecution and locking up of some pretty bad guys but not everybody (ie. Me ) is a bad guy. His “win” is not more important than my life or the truth but apparently he felt differently. He knows I did not do the things that I was accused of, but he and his team did all they could to make sure the jury said I was guilty at the end of the day.

To be honest with you, he didn’t even do a good job at it. But the half truths being peddled and the Washington DC jury pool worked just as it was designed to, and I was said to be guilty.

I wonder…

I wonder if all the things that can get you put on an FBI terrorist watch list, like home schooling, being anti-vaccine, being pro-life, being a Christian, following Q, supporting the 2nd amendment, speaking up at school board meetings, not being in support of men dressed as women sharing a restroom with girls and woman that were born female, questioning the 2020 elections, so on and so forth… I wonder if that would keep someone from being in a federal jury pool? What do you think? Stacking the deck? Who knows? I may never know.

What I do know though is, as long as I get a fair appellate court, I will win my appeal and I will go home.
Some of the most out spoken truth tellers have been arrested and jailed due to January 6th. I am not going to be silent any longer. The truth will set us all free and the deep state can not stop what is coming.

I wish I could sit here and break down the charges one by one and explain how I am not guilty of them. But with my appeal in the works I need to keep my cards close. My court was a battle lost, but it was not the war. I will continue to fight and will never give up. This I promise.


Your support will help out more than you can imagine.

Thank you God Bless,

Markus Maly


God bless you, Markus. You are not forgotten.


Thanks for sharing!