Former Trump Attorney Rips Jack Smith and DOJ on Latest Suspect Charges: They Had All the Security Footage So They Knew That No Footage Was Missing (VIDEO)

Former Trump Attorney Tim Parlatore

Last week Special Counsel Jack Smith hit Trump with a superseding indictment in the classified documents case and accused the former president of being a part of a scheme to delete Mar-a-Lago security tapes.

Trump was charged with three new counts, including one count for willful retention of national defense information related to a document he allegedly showed staffers at his Bedminster golf club.

Smith also charged a third defendant in Trump’s classified documents case on Thursday.

Jack Smith charged Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker who helped Trump aide Walt Nauta move boxes of documents around at Mar-a-Lago.

Carlos De Oliveira, 56, was added to the obstruction conspiracy charges filed in the original charges.

On Sunday President Trump posted on Truth Social that the security tapes were not deleted but that everything was turned over to Jack Smith.

And later in the day on Sunday former Trump Attorney Tim Parlatore joined CNN to discuss the latest bogus charges filed against President Trump and his handyman.

Parlatore says ALL of the security footage was turned over to the DOJ. There is no footage they did not know about. These latest charges appears to be more harassment and lies by the DOJ.

Tim Parlatore: When I read them, I was kind of wondering, why wasn’t that in the initial indictment? I mean, the information that they’ve added seems like things that they would have known or should have known at the time that they brought the initial indictment. So why did they decide to cut it up and put it in a superseding indictment? Haven’t the other thing I was wondering is why did they wait until right after having this whole big fight about the trial schedule and saying, oh, we want this schedule to be moved up. I’m sure that the judge is going to question them as to if you knew that you were going to amend, you knew that you were going to add another defendant, you knew that this whole trial schedule was not going to happen, why didn’t you reveal it at the time?…

…The the video that we’re talking about here, the surveillance video, is something that when the subpoena came in, we advised, turn it over, and it was turned over. And it was something that was kind of surprising to us at the time of why were they even looking at this? Because the deletion of footage DOJ had all the footage, so they knew that there was nothing missing. But it really then is going to be a question of what is on that footage. The same thing I told you when the indictment first came down is what is it actually going to show of Carlos and Walt actually moving these boxes? It’s something that I’m surprised that they haven’t played clips of it yet. I’m surprised they haven’t put screenshots of it into the indictment. They have pictures of boxes on stage and boxes in bathrooms. But the single most damaging thing in this indictment, the most criminal thing that it appears they didn’t put the screenshots of that in.

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