Deranged Thug Stabs Fellow Passenger Mid-Air During Flight to Caribbean Island (VIDEO)

Credit: the Daily Mail

Passengers flying to paradise were witnesses to a scene straight from Hell.

The UK Sun captured the terrifying footage showing a crazed man shattering a wine bottle during a nasty argument with another flyer.

He then stabbed the flyer with the broken bottle as the other passengers looked on in horror. The thug responsible for the assault can be seen wearing a bucket hat.


The incident occurred during a British Airways flight. The plane was travelling from the United Kingdom to Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean.

The Sun reported that at one point during the commotion, the assailant threw the bottle into the ceiling. Blood was can been seen on the ceiling.

Credit: the Daily Mail

The cabin crew and a brave flight attendant finally stepped between the two men and got them back in their seats according to a witness.

Some very brave individuals separated the two men and got them back in their seats. It could have been so much worse.

Passengers on the plane revealed to the Daily Mail that the attacker and several drunken men were partying up a storm during the during eight-hour, 40-minute flight. The hoodlums blocked access to bathrooms and harassed women during the party while the airplane staff did nothing to control the situation.

In fact, they exacerbated the problem by continuing to provide the men large amounts of alcohol.

Here are the witnesses stories:

The main aggressor was behaving terribly in the lead-up to the incident, the BA staff were perhaps too intimidated to regain control but the atmosphere was clearly leading to some kind of incident.A handful of men were lingering at the back of plane for hours, loudly partying with an endless supply of alcohol provided by the BA staff.

Flight attendants poured fuel on a fire. They allowed a party atmosphere where people were not able to go to the flight attendants and ask for anything because about 10 men were all stood up at the back of the plane blocking the facilities and drinking heavily.

According to the Sun, the two men were arrested on the tarmac by St Lucia cops and carted away for interrogation.

Saint Lucia police said the incident remains under investigation. The suspect has not been named and information about criminal charges was not immediately available.


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