BREAKING: Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates Tennessee Law Protecting Children From Horrors of Hormone Therapy

From America First Legal press release

The United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last night stayed a lower court’s injunction of a Tenneseee law that punishes medical professionals who provide hormone therapy to minors.

A Saturday morning press release from America First Legal explains that the law was challenged by ACLU attorneys — prompting a federal district court to issue a preliminary injunction just three days before the law’s effective date.

On Monday, America First Legal filed a brief in support of the Tenneseee legislature.

As a result of the Sixth Circuit ruling, the bipartisan law will go into effect as scheduled — protecting numerous Tennessee children from the horrors of chemical castration and genital mutilation.

In a prepared statement from America First Legal Vice President Gene Hamilton, the importance of the Sixth Circuit decision to stay any injunction is made clear.

“The stakes of this case and this issue generally could not be higher,” Hamilton explains, “The State of Tennessee rightly decided–through the legislative process–to prohibit children from being subjected to irreversible chemical castration and genital mutilation.”

Although the stay represents victory in the short-term battle, America First Legal remains cautiously optimistic —fully aware that the war is far from over.

Still, those who want to protect children are are pleased with the news.

“We are thrilled that the Sixth Circuit granted a stay in this case, removing any doubt regarding the enforcement of this law while this case is litigated on the merits,” explains Hamilton.

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