Biden Takes No Questions And Fails to Salute Marine as He Retreats to Camp David For Another Vacation (VIDEO)

Joe Biden returned to the White House Thursday night after a trip to Europe where he participated in a NATO Summit.

Biden went on a sniffing extravaganza and rubbed a young girl’s face before leaving Finland.

Biden immediately bent down to sniff the children behind the fencing.

Joe Biden also nibbled a little girl’s arm before sniffing her hair.

The child was terrified!

Biden went into hiding as soon as he returned to the White House Thursday night.

He hid all day and only emerged to walk across the South Lawn to Marine One en route to Camp David for another vacation.

Biden has spent 355 days – 39.2% of his presidency – on vacation.

Jill Biden donned a ghastly dress as walked with her husband to Marine One.

Biden ignored reporters shouting questions about his decision to mobilize reserve troops and the cocaine scandal.

“Who brought cocaine to the White House?!” a reporter shouted as Biden shuffled away.

Joe Biden also failed to salute the US Marine as he retreated to Camp David.

Feeble Joe Biden also used both hands to hoist himself up the stairs.


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