Beatrix von Storch: “We Do Not Think Delivering Weapons to Ukraine Supports Peace.”



Speaking to German state media channel Deutsche Welle at the AfD party convention in Magdeburg, AfD Bundestag caucus vice-chair Beatrix von Storch stressed the need for peace talks in Ukraine: “We are the party that wants peace talks. We do not want weapons to speak. We do not think delivering weapons to Ukraine supports peace.” Von Storch stressed that it’s “better to have peace than war.”

The Deutsche Welle correspondent Thomas Sparrow took a typically hostile appoach to the interview, arguing that AfD supporters don’t actually like the party, and asking Von Storch what she thinks about migrants who feel “unsafe” because of the AfD’s current success. Sparrow apparently did not care whether indigenous Germans feel “unsafe” because of unvetted mass immigration, which has led to 8 knife attacks a day in Berlin and Berlin police concealing gang-rapes in the city for fear of stoking “hate”.

Von Storch noted that record numbers of hard-working, integrated foreigners support the AfD because they reject rampant crime brought by unvetted criminals and the transgender ideology pushed by the leftist government. “For those who came here a generation ago, who participate in our society and economy, they support the AfD.”

Deutsche Welle is the international propaganda channel of the German government, financed directly out of the Chancellor’s office.


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