REVEALED: Woke Target Funding Anti-White, Marxist Organization that Wants to Destroy America’s Military and Give Away Mount Rushmore and Other Public Lands to “Truly Dismantle White Supremacy”

Credit: Fox News


Target’s woke efforts do not end with pushing explicit swimsuits and other products to minors. A report reveals they also condone organizations that loathes Jews, the U.S. military, and Mount Rushmore.

Fox News revealed that Target’s nonprofit foundation, which is directed by the retail giant’s senior corporate treasurers, funds an organization called NDN Collective.

NDN Collective is a Marxist organization which pushes a number of anti-military, anti-Semitic, and anti-white causes. This includes shutting down and giving away Mount Rushmore and other public lands to “truly dismantle white supremacy.”

Here is what NDN Collective says in full about Mount Rushmore:

The closure of Mount Rushmore, return of that land and all public lands in the Black Hills, South Dakota is our cornerstone battle. Not only does Mount Rushmore sit in the heart of the sacred Black Hills, but it is an international symbol of White supremacy and colonization.

To truly dismantle white supremacy and systems of oppression, we have to go back to the roots. Which, for us, is putting Indigenous Lands back in Indigenous hands.

The organization also wants to “demilitarize” America’s military, claiming that “violence is fundamental for the U.S. to maintain its presence.”

The U.S. military is in the explicit business of taking land away from communities all around the world and using their presence on their land to carry out their own agenda for the inhabitants of that area. Violence is fundamental for the U.S. to maintain its presence, and the military is how they establish dominance domestically and internationally, wherever they may be.

The origin of the U.S. military and police is rooted in the establishment of informal militias composed of newly arrived settlers looking to make money and own land. The purpose of these informal militias however was not to keep the police or protect citizens, but to clear the land of as many Natives as possible by killing indiscriminately, and catching runaway enslaved Africans.

Despite funding such a communist, anti-military organization, Target still claims to support veterans via its corporate announcements and military discounts at their stores.

“If you or your loved ones are serving or have served our country, we share our heartfelt thanks—today and always,” Target said in 2020.

NDN Collective is not satisfied with wanting to dismantle the foundations of America, however. It also seeks the total destruction of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state. They make no secret by saying “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations use this as code for wiping Israel off the map.

As Fox News notes, NDN Collective wants help to fulfill this evil mission with boycotts and sanctions against Israel to push the country into poverty and also by flooding it with Palestinian “refugees.”

This new information provides Americans with more reason to ensure Target becomes a footnote in the history books.

May the successful boycott continue.


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