“Stop Grooming Our Kids!” Parents Protest Elementary School “Pride” Assembly for Children in North Hollywood, California (Video)

Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, California has become Ground Zero for the parents’ revolt against the takeover of public schools by the radical left LGBTQI+ cult that has caused immense psychological harm to children over the past decade in the guise of “woke” education. The protest is being led by members of the Armenian community.

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TGP writer Cassandra Fairbanks reported last week on the planned protest.

The protest in front of the school was being held Friday morning local time in response to the school hosting a gay “pride” assembly for the schoolchildren. Counter-protesters are on scene with police trying and failing at times to keep the sides from clashing.

Earlier this month a small “pride” flag placed by a transgender teacher in Saticoy Elementary was torched by an unknown person. The teacher has since been removed from teaching at the school for safety reasons. Parents also pulled their children from a class taught by a transgender substitute teacher, the Los Angeles Times reported (excerpt):

Although the teacher, a transgender man, initially remained at the school, he since has been removed amid safety concerns by the Los Angeles Unified School District, according to a source who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about the situation.

After the burning of the teacher’s Pride flag, his image was removed from the school’s website over concerns for his safety. However, photos of the teacher — both before and after his transition — were posted on conservative Instagram pages mainly used by parents opposed to Saticoy’s Pride assembly.

“Here’s the special ed/3rd grade trans teacher (first pic as female, later male) at Saticoy Elementary who has made it a point to send message to [Armenian] kids about [Pride],” the post said.

…On May 19, three days after the Instagram account @saticoyelementaryparents was created, parents pulled their children from a classroom that was being taught by a transgender substitute teacher, according to three school sources who spoke with The Times. The substitute had worked at the school before and never had any problems, according to a teacher who requested anonymity out of fear of retaliation from parents or the district.

“It was awful,” said another staff member. “I get that people have freedom of speech and the ability to believe and have their own opinions, but when it directly results in affecting the livelihood of another person, it’s unconscionable.”


“The Armenian community has awoken.”

Set up for the protest started way before dawn.

Several Democrat elected officials showed up to support the radical LGBTQI+ indoctrination of children.


The teachers union United Teachers of Los Angeles chimed in:


A parent explained why she and the other parents are protesting.

Los Angeles Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is at the school, “”Over the past 2 weeks LGBTQ individuals particularly a teacher in this school have been threatened, insulted, a (Pride) flag representing many in our community was burned, that should concern the entire community,” says @LAUSDSup at Saticoy Elementary this morning”

“LAUSD stop grooming our kids!” Parents have a message for LAUSD and the superintendent:

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