New Federal State of China’s Three-Year Anniversary

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by Kelly John Walker

“Take down the CCP!” These four words are sending shock waves across the world as the feisty, brilliant, and superbly organized New Federal State of China goes into its fourth year.

Lawmakers, patriots, pundits and a plethora of powerful people converged on the magnificent Darlington Estate in New Jersey to celebrate freedom and the decline of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Fiery speeches and energetic activist anti-CCP music blasted out messages that should make autocrat Xi Jinping tremble. America is waking up, in large part thanks to the efforts of NFSC and their allies, and America will fight back!

Over the last three years, the NFSC has quickly developed to be a global movement with 24 chapters across 13 countries.

David Xia, Chairman of Rule of Law Society (a 501c4) and Secretary General of NFSC led the speaking portion of the event, saying:

“The New Federal State of China will end the CCP’s tyranny and its slavery of the 1.4 billion people, as well as its erosion of the free world. NFSC seeks to establish a society based on one person, one vote, governed by the Rule of Law, and the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Over the last three years, the NFSC has quickly developed to be a global movement with 24 chapters across 13 countries, followed by more than 600 million people, NFSC attracts not only the Chinese people, but also people of other ethnic groups worldwide, especially here in the United States of America.”

“Miles Guo has changed the direction of the world because he’s identified [the CCP] as a trans-national criminal organization.” -Steve K. Bannon

Steve K. Bannon followed:

“The elite in China of the CCP are partnered with elites throughout the world; they have an economic system that works for them…built on the slave labor of the Chinese people…this entire world economy rests on slave labor.”

Bannon pointed out that the George Bush administration “saved” the CCP by protecting their business interests based on their lies. “In 1949, we—the administration of this country—essentially backed the communists…”

In the Great Leap Forward, the CCP starved 40 million people. They understood the importance of the family in traditional China; they had to break it. They weaponized the children, and “turned them into demons to torture, starve and ridicule” the teachers and the parents. “The Cultural Revolution [was] so awful,” said Bannon. “that the CCP won’t let it be talked about.”

“What would history today be like if the American government had backed the art students that put up the Goddess of Democracy [in 1989}? The CCP would have fallen in 30 days.”

“This is why they [the global elite] hate Miles Guo,” asserted Bannon. “They don’t want his voice because, think about it…Miles Guo coming to the West was an inflection point. No one in the West talked about the Chinese Communist Party and identified the Chinese Communist Party as the problem; nobody identified the slavery of Lao Baixing as a crime against humanity. Because it’s easy to be quiet. Because people are making a lot of money.”

Bannon pointed out that the elites built Beijing’s system here in the U.S., and “until Lao Biaxing is free, none of us are free.”

“If [Miles Guo] had kept his mouth shut, and played along like everybody else,” said Bannon, “he would be one of the richest guy in the world, and certainly he wouldn’t be sitting in a federal prison…Until Lao Baixing [the Chinese People] is free, nobody’s free!”

“I will not be a quiet voice; I will not back down; I will not relent. And for those that fight for freedom and liberty around the world—your cause is my cause.” Rep. Andy Ogles

Congressman Andy Ogles, (R, TN) delivered a rousing speech that rose to a crescendo with:

“Just know that I will not be a quiet voice; I will not back down, and I will not relent. And for you—for those that fight for freedom and liberty around the world—your cause is my cause. And as long as you fight on the side of righteousness, the rights of the People, the rights of the many, you will always be judged by history as being on the right side.

“So, as the CCP floods the United States with fentanyl, as they are in bed with the Mexican cartel, as they flooded the world with the CCP virus, killing millions, we know, we see you, and we are going to fight back!”

“When power is consolidated with a few, people suffer. In America, hard work gives you the promise of success. But in China, if you work hard and dare speak out, it will land you in prison. Your families are targets because you will no longer stand for a regime that threatens and hurts its own people that in its quest for power, it will do anything and everything to prevail. So, you are a beacon of hope, a light in a sea of darkness.”

These statements are just a small sampling of an incredible 7-hour “truth-fest”; I’ll be sharing major highlights from more in articles to come.

We are truly at a pivotal point in world history when brave patriots around the world are fighting to end a global evil empire of totalitarian elites bent on enslaving the world—and they’ve modeled their strategies on the CCP.

It is past time to “Take Down the CCP” and clean our own nation of the Deep State, administrative collaborators. #FreeMilesGuo

Kelly John Walker is an American statesman, writer, branding professional, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FreedomTalk, host of FreedomTalk TV, and a freelance writer.

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