Even CNN Acknowledges Impact Of Boycotts On Woke Corporations — “The Pressure Is Working On The C-Suites – They Are Pulling Back”

The boycotts of woke corporations are working – even CNN is now acknowledging their power.

Of course, most of what CNN says is gaslighting about “inclusion” and how bad the right wing is.

But some truth comes out in this segment — watch (transcript of highlights below):

From the video:

Christine Romans:  . . . I think it caught the C-Suites by surprise, this right wing culture warrior movement. Inclusion has always been good business for these companies. Their employees want it, their customers want it. It’s always been, uh, a good business. And on earnings calls for years, you’ve heard these CEOs and CFOs talk about inclusion, uh, diversity and equity and inclusion, and all of a sudden they’re a little bit quieter about that because they’re seeing these instances where their brand has been pillared for being inclusive. And so they’re trying to figure out how to tread this water.

Ron Brownstein: You know, these boycotts have to be seen, I think, as part of a broader movement. I mean, the Red States in many ways are building a nation within a nation on all sorts of issues . . . these companies, much as they wanna stay out of it, ultimately have to decide are they going to embrace the changing America, or they’re going to embrace this effort to, in effect, make America great again by going back to older rules and older values.

Christine Romans:  . . . How you respond by not giving in to the right wing attack mob, but acknowledging, you know, your position. I think that’s for C-Suites, that’s what they’ve gotta figure out. The rapid response for the communications teams has gotta be better. You could lose either way . . .

Ron Brownstein: The pressure is working on the C-suites — they’re pulling back.

The boycotts are working.

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