Ben Bergquam Reports From the Darien Gap in Panama – This is What Biden Has Invited (VIDEO)

RAV reporter Ben Bergquam in Panama

Real America’s Voice (RAV) reporter Ben Bergquam traveled to Panama as part of the series Law & Border: The Root of the Invasion.

Ben and his team expose the devastating consequences that have resulted from Joe Biden’s broken border policies and the Democrats’ abject failure to protect our nation. This administration has rolled out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants, criminals, rapists, and murderers with no concern for what is happening to our nation and no concern for the dangers facing those who make the journey.

While talking to those traversing difficult journey, Ben hears tragic stories about the robbers, rapists and murderers  embed in the throngs of illegals.

When asked if any organization, like the United Nations,  warned the migrants of the true dangers of the journey, a group told Ben, “No.  Nobody told us that. And ultimately the guides cheated on us and they lied to us…they told us we were going to be safe. And we were not. So they are the same ones …they rob us and they took everything from us.”
Others shared stories of murder, mutilation and rape.
Biden’s complete failure has led to a tragic humanitarian crisis that does not seem to bother Democrats in the least.
All along the journey, garbage and debris litters the ground….where are the environmentalists?
Watch the excellent episode below:


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